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I noticed there wasn't a dedicated thread for this on the new forum, despite the Denon Prime players being hugely requested by many people over on the old forum.

If you would like the Traktor team to prioritise support for the following Denon products for use over HID, as well as mixers to be scratch certified. Please upvote this thread!

SC6000 / SC6000M / LC6000 / SC5000 / SC5000M / X1850 / X1800


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More info needed.



  • Bjoern Bender
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    If this is realy in the Future possible, i would Upgrade to Traktor Pro+.

  • DJDL
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    This was my final edit of the long comment:

    You also left out the innovative Denon Prime Go, which I think is a groundbreaking product.

    I've been using the superb S4Mk3 for most of my gigs but the Z1/X1 combo still gets a lot of action for certain events. This exquisite petite combo has probably seen more action over these last few years than any other system I've ever used.

    But after seeing somebody show up to an event with the portable, stand alone, battery powered Prime Go, I was instantly excited because of its unrivaled convenience and abundant features. I got one on loan last weekend to test. I loved the build quality and usefulness. Full I/O: booth and main outs, SD and USB sources, aux input, 2 mics, etc. On paper, I was sold, and am seriously considering getting one for certain use case scenarios. The other thing that felt refreshing, was the streaming integration: Tidal, Beatports, Soundcloud and DropBox. They really didn't pull any punches with this small yet powerful unit.

    Nevertheless, I started testing Denon's Engine Software for preparation on Mac and tried to import my huge Traktor Collection (as advertised per Engine's functionality). First roadblock, the Engine software felt quite raw and unresponsive. Exporting to USB got mixed results, lost playlist organization and ended up with just an ARTISTs folders list when opening it in the Prime Go. I am aware that this is just the translation aspect of it and that I am no expert, but I am not looking forward to starting years of organization from scratch, nor doing the work twice on both universes for that matter. I know that there are lauded Library export and conversion third party options, but I've not tried them.

    Anyway, once I started playing with tracks from my USB stick, everything looked somewhat promising: track info was there, as well as comments (albeit only on single track quickview window but not in the browser), BUT my hotcues had been ditched. Furthermore, I then tried setting up hot cues directly on the Engine Software on my laptop and the interface was unresponsive/grayed out. Im pretty sure all or most of these issues are probably due to my inexperience with this unit and or Engine software, but I did spend a few hours online and reading the manual to no avail. It is either buggy or not intuitive.

    Summing up, my short experience trying to integrate the Prime Go into my Traktor-heavy environment was somewhat frustrating, although I loved the hardware (9/10). After this, I ended up daydreaming about a Traktor based standalone unit by NI with both standalone and computer support, as well as streaming and pro features similar to the Denon stuff. Again, I cannot stress how groundbreaking this unit really feels.

    So if the latter wish is nowhere near NI's roadmap, perhaps supporting the Prime Go could be a pretty exciting compromise. The Go already supports Virtual Dj on a hooked up laptop, with full integration including touchscreen control.

    The above request seems like a massive undertaking, so I ain't getting any hopes up, but this is the wishlist/suggestions forum, isn't it? After all, the reason I became enamored with NI's stuff many years ago was their unique and fierce approach to innovation and quality, and they did transform and enhance the workflow and trade of many djs and performers along the way. So a bit of wishful thinking is definitely no so unreasonable in my opinion.

    Afterthought: in the process of considering the Denon Prime Go as a guest in my Traktor family, I also checked their other Prime Units. The Prime 4 is a full featured monster that leaves nothing to be desired of it (except perhaps, Traktor integration). It works as standalone with multiple USB slots, internal 2.5 drive bay and streaming services, as well as full Serato support via PC link. Denon's aggressive foray into the music industry cannot be ignored, and even though they are not industry leaders, the definitely try harder with superb hardware at competitive prices. Their software seems to be getting regular updates and upgrades, so eventually it will be getting there. I suspect that providing Traktor integration for these units could be a "sound" investment, unless of course, NI doesn't want users to flock to other HW devices, and are considering releasing similar stuff of their own in a future that cannot come soon enough.

  • wes 2016
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    hi everyone is TRAKTOR pro 3 compatible with Denon prime 2 if any one has a tsi to map the player can the send a link

    thank you


  • djsaimin
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    The LC6000 is an awesome single deck controller that’s a much cheaper alternative to using a CDJ that way. There really are not many alternatives if you want a deck controller with a jog wheel. (I like using a standalone analog mixer rather than an all in one controller.) It Is definitely usable via midi map (I don’t scratch though) but I’d really prefer a native HID integration.

  • dmcaugust
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    Please Intergrate SC6000M and all Denon Dacks at TRAKTOR! Denon Very Very Good Players Beutiful!!!!!!

  • BenGray
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    Essential request. Denon build superb HW and with HID Mode of Traktor, it is a badass combo with A&H Mixers (Digital, Vinyl). Please make it happen.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @leesinthemix thank you for posting this idea. We just published a review of top voted ideas here and I'd like to give you an update that the status of this idea has not changed because the TRAKTOR product team has requested that we split this request into individual one for each of the mentioned devices instead.

    Passing on a feedback from the TRAKTOR product team here:

    Integrating 3rd party HW over HID requires serious development effort. And while it's our goal to increase our portfolio of 3rd party HW integrations over the next few years, we have to cautiously choose which devices.

    We'd appreciate it if you can split this request into individual threads for each of the devices so that others can vote. Thank you!

  • leesinthemix
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    Wow, this is a really convoluted response which requires A LOT of MY time.

    @Kaiwan_NI Why not just come out and say, we will prioritise the LC6000, SC6000 and SC6000M as they are the most recent products?

    There are FIFTY FIVE votes on this topic for christ sake.

  • Bjoern Bender
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    If this is realy in the Future possible, i would Upgrade to Traktor Pro+.

  • Sultansoy
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    any updates here? traktor is a great software and i want to use it as my main setup with xone 96 as a mixer, but will be good to have a good mapping and integration with denon.

  • BenGray
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    You‘re right leesinthemix.

    What Native is doing here feels like „Let‘s give more complexity in this request and it will Break.“

    Traktor DEV Team:

    The one and only answer to this huge amount of votes is, that native integration of your Software to ALL Denon DJ Hardware is a USP for your Software in the future. That‘s it, just as simple as the request. Start with all Denon DJ Hardware except discontinued one. The SDK is quite similar…

  • DjLoran
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    I have some sensitive information about this integration.

    Let me give you some hints:

    1. Denon prime series has been launched in January 2020 and advertised that Traktor will be supported by this devices in HID mode.
    2. Pioneer CDJ-3000 has been launched in August 2020 and one month later, like September 2020, CDJ-3000 already had been suported by Traktor in HID mode.
    3. There is an secret article leaked in a forum wich says something like this: “Pioneer have paid a lot lot lot of money to Native Intruments to have exclusivity with their CDJ-3000 and ban Denon hardware prime series to be integrated in Traktor.”
    4. This is obvious why Native Instruments is constantly avoid to ofer a exact response about this integration.
    5. The integration will never happen until Pioneer is stoping paying their exclusivity to Native Intruments.
    6. Since Pioneer is now AlphaTheta company, their products has been droped so much in build quality and they fear that Denon will compete out and be the new industry standard.
    7. Shame on you Native Instruments, I will post the prove of exclusivity contract that you made with Pioneer.
  • Knivshult
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    Go for Denon SC 6000 and SC 6000 M HID.

  • leesinthemix
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    edited May 2023

    I just don't buy that.

    Traktor is the 4th most used DJ software used now, after VDJ, Serato and Rekordbox.

    Why would Pioneer DJ pay thousands of dollars just to stop 5-10% of the market using Denon products, when already over 40% of the market can use them with Serato or VDJ?

    Think about it.

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