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Multiple hotcue banks for songs

Omnimpotence Member Posts: 13 Sine
edited August 2022 in Share Ideas for Traktor Pro


Is it possible to make multiple banks of hotcues available within the same song. I would like this because I would like to be able to switch between having a bank of unique hotcues for each particular song, and a bank of standard hotcues that I use across all songs.

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Doesn't meet the requirements.


  • shamoo!
    shamoo! Member Posts: 22 Sine

    I dont understand what you mean. Can you explain this?

    Do you really need to have more than 8 curpoint in any one song? If the answer is no, then what you probably need is the ability to colour code your hotcues. Meaning, pink will always be a breakdown section, purple will always be a drop etc.. That way no mater what song is playing you will always know what each hotcue is for, without thinking too much.

    Someone has already requested additional colour for hotcus, so maybe add you vote to that if it sounds like what you are after.

    Additionally, depending on you hardware used. You could probably re-purpose some buttons on your current device to acts as new hotcues 9-16 or something. For example on the D2 if you never use the freeze section/button to could remap them to be new hotcues. Giving you a new bank of 8 😁

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 1,860 admin

    Hi, this idea doesn't meet our requirements and has been closed. Please make sure to follow the template outlined in our guidelines and include as much info as possible: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/5468/ideas-submission-guidelines

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