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since the first version of this thread was deleted when I re-resurrected the old feature requests (I was asking for Library & Metadata overhaul in the same thread... and it got first locked by Matt-NI - and then it disappeared for reasons unknown... Matt_NI & me chatted about this - and it's logged as an issue with the forum vendor), here's the same request, split up in 2 feature requests. But - they need to go hand-in-hand, otherwise there's little value gained by either...

So, this request goes hand in hand with this:

On top of updating the library ui & tools to understand and handle input/output of the above / i.e. multi value metadata & custom metadata fields, we all know the library handling needs serious attention in pretty much all area - some pointers (and others should chime in really - I've had a ton of issues with the inbuilt collection/playlist tools and have built a library management outside of Traktor - so the ones from the top of my head:


  • Remember-this-mix features (I'd prefer a custom metadata field that collects into/out-to mixes on a per-track basis, but notes in playlists [I'm still using 1sec long dummy tracks to hold extra info as well as for playlist dividers...] would be good too...)
  • Playlist-unique-cue-point (with an optional text note)
  • HD support
  • Rating half-star display (i.e. so we have 10 potential increments to use)
  • More/better playlist [management] tools [i.e. quality of life stuff like, and there's dozens of these...]

Known bugs:

  • Rating display issues (flac file ratings get shown incosistently if written as per the file spec)
  • Browser Flickering (
  • Relocation Tools are a complete pain - and haven't changed for more than a decade...
  • All Traktor File-Dialogues (exporting/importing playlists being a good example...) need to remember their (last used) settings and write/read location
  • Program freeze on shutdown and not saving the playlist edits, resulting in people losing their work still

There's a lot of pain points with Traktor's library & its' toolset, and since the Traktor team hinted at a library re-write since 2016 (?) or so, I'm sure they're well aware as well.

To other users - feel free to add more library/collection improvements/issues!



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