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mappings: more modifiers, more bits, more conditions

dj_estrela Member Posts: 96 Tri
edited October 2022 in Share Ideas for Traktor Pro

1) please give us more than 8 local modifiers per device page. Yes we can create extra pages, but this makes the options page very slow to open, and a lot of repeated code to "share" modifiers between pages.

2) please give us more than 3 bits per modifier state. 7 bits (the same as midi messages) would be great

3) please give us more than 2 modifier conditions. I'm finding myself doing all kinds of tricks to emulate 3 and 4-condition commands.

4) please introduce global modifiers shared across all pages

I think this list would give the most usefullness on the shortest development time to implement.

Especially #1 and #3 are just more copies of already existing features!


compare this rewriting the whole mapping system with a full scripting language...



previous requests:



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This idea did not receive enough support from the community.


  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 586 Saw


    It amazes me that original post about more than 8 modifiers and stuff was made more than 10 years ago.

  • fanta64
    fanta64 Member Posts: 3 Sine

    yes, +1...!

  • dj_estrela
    dj_estrela Member Posts: 96 Tri

    please vote for this before it is closed as well

  • pARty_bOy
    pARty_bOy Member Posts: 31 Tri

    requesting "double click midi key"


  • zephry
    zephry Member Posts: 256 Saw

    I am no where near a software genius. So slap me if this sounds dumb.

    Would adding a letter to the existing modifiers be an easy way to do this?




    Even just 2 letters added would be 16 more available.

    All existing mappings unaffected and the drop down list quickly navigated by adding as another drop down. As well it would add somewhat of a recognizable structure for layers of the mappings.

    Sorry if this sounds dumb

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 1,858 admin

    Unfortunately this idea did not receive enough votes over the allotted time. We are closing the post.

    Note that our ideas section doesn't reflect the Traktor team's backlog. Even if this idea hasn't been brought up to the team at this time, that doesn't mean it'll never be implemented in the future.

    For more info about how your feedback reaches NI, please have a look here.

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