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Hi! I'm a student running a club for a university and I've been working on a workshop to teach students how to create music. Part of this involves downloading and installing Native Access 2 and Komplete Start along with other related Native Instrument freeware. I'll also be introducing to students the impact of Native Instruments in the music production industry.

However, I am unable to get Komplete Start to pop up in Native Access 2 at all. It does not even show up as serial numbers on my account on the website. This is despite clicking on the single button page to add to account and getting the success page. I've checked that I've logged in to the same account on both the website and Native Access 2, and my account has a verified email. Does anyone else have the same issue? How can I solve this? I want to show students Native Instrument software but I can't if it doesn't let me even use the freeware provided.

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    It magically fixed on its own now. I have no idea what changed. Got Komplete Start now.


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