Queue List aka preparation list

i will be really happy to see that preparation list on a side (like in Traktor dj app) that you can just drop track and store them there to not forget to play later its really useful for open format djs

Traktor dj app has it and is really nice plus the app is supper smooth I dont understand why we cant make this in Traktor pro

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  • mediK
    mediK Member Posts: 7 Member

    There is already a preparation list in the side menu on Traktor Pro. Bottom-left side

  • atanas kuzmanov
    atanas kuzmanov Member Posts: 11 Member

    I know that man :) (btw its in the playlists and you can change it to PREPARATION LIST)

    as I am mentioning in my post I am suggesting to make that like in the traktor dj 2 app if you seen it, I dont wanna jump into playlists/preparation I want to have it as a independent option on a side and is it m uch more easy to drop track in and out on the go

  • mediK
    mediK Member Posts: 7 Member

    Ohh, I see, I see, I misunderstood you.

    I can see how helpful that may be. Nice suggestion :)

  • atanas kuzmanov
    atanas kuzmanov Member Posts: 11 Member

    Vote then 🤣 we need 20 votes so NI can see it

  • Marcal303
    Marcal303 Member Posts: 26 Member
    edited February 9


    It's curious how so many ideas from Traktor DJ 2—by design, a "limited" non-pro software, are requested so many times to be implemented in Traktor Pro 3 by the community.

    I completely agree with you that Traktor DJ 2 is a brilliant software with so many advanced ideas! It's such a pity there are no new developments announced.

    I saw requests for implementing the suggested tracks feature, now the preparation list, and for me, the most important: the Global Quantise option. WE ARE COLLECTING VOTES; please support it with your vote!



  • atanas kuzmanov
    atanas kuzmanov Member Posts: 11 Member

    I voted for that long time ago and I even spoke with NI last year regarding quantize but still nothing

    and ya simple FREE software looking amazing opens and closes several years faster then TP3 and on top of that has all those functions we desperately need


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