How do I fix inSIDious?

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I bought this plugin back in 2021 and it was really cool but I was really inexperienced at the time to do anything with it so I wanted to get it back today.

They're asking my to repair the file and I can't do it. I've tried everything. I can't even find the original direction for it and I can't uninstall it either. I figured if I uninstall it I would be able to reinstall it and it would be okay but since I can't get to this point in my research I am out of ideas. Another problem as well is I can't get REAKTOR to pick up in FL Studio which is another big issue on the list.

I don't understand why it's on the D:/Drive because everything else is on the C:/Drive.

Where it's located it has no files inside of it leading to "inSIDious".

I've read on how to uninstall the plugin and it just doesn't show up.

I even tried the control panel and I come back with negative results.

I've checked other posts and nothing has helped me. I really need somebody to figure this out because for a $64.00 plugin to just go missing like this isn't a joke to me.

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    Figured it out thanks to impact soundworks team. They somehow figured out I installed it with pulse and I had no idea. I got it back and it's working now. If you guys lose the directory please check pulse.


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