Bug report (and possible solution): Download issues via Native Access

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G'day NI team,

Just wanted to pass on something that may be affecting other users. I have spent a few hours and multiple reinstalls and restarts trying to get Native Access working to download my software.

I decided to check in my network (UniFi) to see if there was anything being flagged and, it turns out, your User-Agent is being flagged by Ubiquiti as "Potential Risk". I think the aria2 library you are using is also used by some trojans - I have attached the warnings below.

The products downloaded instantly once I whitelisted my Mac's IP.

I'm not familiar with the aria2 library but I have experience with web scrapers and similar - perhaps overriding the default User-Agent string to remove any reference to aria2 would be beneficial and save people a lot of headache, especially those who don't have access to their network like I do.

tl;dr follows:

Bug: Native Access 2 being flagged as potential risk due to User-Agent and traffic blocked in UniFi networks.

Possible solution: Change User-Agent in the software.

Please find attached the threat report below:


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