Traktor Pro 3 Deleting Songs From Playlists

Today I noticed a newer playlist of mine and some others were missing a lot of songs. One of them I was literally mixing in last night, everything was there and has been for a good month. But I opened my software today and that exact playlist is missing 50 or so tracks. When I search for them in the browser I find them but it gives me the error that they are missing and need to be relocated.

I have no clue why Traktor is taking tracks out of playlists and having them go missing. I always properly close and exit the software, and eject my SSD properly. I even imported an older collection and it's still missing. Typically you just get the error that a song needs to be relocated, but they are straight up disappearing from playlists. This happened to me once in the past when migrating my collection to my new SSD, but I'm noticing it happen again and again.

I just scanned my collection and nearly a third of it says it's missing and needs to be relocated. I'm not sure if there's a bug that's deleting info or something, but this is a major issue for me.


  • lord-carlos
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    But the files them self are still there and can be played in other software just fine?

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    Maybe you closed Traktor too fast or did a shutdown of your computer befor Traktor could save the collection?

    Sometimes this takes longer, because Traktor makes a backup of your old collection.nml and creates a new one.

    Most of the time something like that happened to me it was because of that.

    Are you on windows or mac?

    EDIT: saw the tags now, so on windows

    goto your users documents folder => native instruments => Traktor <your version> => Backup => collection

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    Before you shut down Traktor, try right-clicking on "Track Collection" and then click on "Save".

    That should help.

  • Renos A
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    Guys this is so annoying. Spending so many hours to prepare my playlists and 1 day Traktor emptied most of them.

  • lord-carlos
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    After relocating can you play the files just fine in traktor?

    If not, can you open the files with another program?

    You are not using any cloud storage or similar?

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    Getting back to this super late, but I just discovered it happening again the other day. A song I play all the time was missing from my main playlist. I searched the collection and it was still not there. I finally just searched my SSD and it's still on there, and when I dragged it back in it still had cues and other data attached. I played this song on Friday, and it was missing at my next gig on Saturday, this track was the most played song in my entire collection so it's been there for a very long time. Why would it just all of a sudden disappear from my collection?

    I'm running the most recent version of Traktor as well. Which I'm pretty sure is a newer version than when I posted originally.

    When I finish my gigs I close the software, leave my laptop on and open until it exits, then open my file explorer to eject the SSD before unplugging it. I try my best to do all that stuff the right way. I only ever right-click "Track Collection" and hit save when working on playlists for a while, exiting the software does the same thing.

  • dedit
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    I'm having a similar issue. Create a new playlist drop tracks from finder into it. Close Traktor open again and playlist is empty. I've tried to even export the playlist and reimport it and it's empty. Is this a bug? It's like Traktor isn't able to save the playlist at all. All music files are fine. Traktor is able to write the I.D tags to music files, key, beat grid. But every time I have to reimport these again into a new playlist it has to analyze them all over again.

    Running traktor 3.10.1 Mac OS 12.7.2. What a pain this is. Did you resolve your issue?

  • Kubrak
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    It has happened me few times in past. I not sure what was the cause as I also had upgraded Traktor meanwhile... Tracks in playlists or entire playlists were missing...

    But generally, I always have managed to restore playlists from Traktor backups...

    As already mentioned, it happens if one in hurry and does not let Traktor to save everything on close. Or something like that....

  • dedit
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    I've put in a support ticket because this is a new purchase as I've used traktor in the past but more recently got back into the groove. It used to be pretty rock solid for me but this is a new one. Going to have a look at the back ups but not convinced that Traktor is even saving anything in these playlist as I've exported them and reimported with no tracks inside of them. I'll keep you posted on that support ticket.

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    So not sure about the moving of tracks within playlist, That's a new one. I was having an issue with traktor not saving my playlist and deleting all tracks within. The fix was to create a new mac os user account with admin privileges, and import the old collection file and everything was there and saved. Not sure how this new admin worked since the other user had admin privileges but something got corrupt along the way. You might want to try the new user account import your saved tsi settings and collection file. Also, make sure the external drive has admin privileges to all enclosed folders.

    You can also try creating smart playlists and sort that way based off comments colour... I've found that traktor seemed to work that way when I was having empty playlist issues.

    Hope this helps!


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    I've dealt with the same exact issue twice...with one of the times being right now (macOS 14.2.1  and Traktor 3.11.0.....first time was with previous macOS and Traktor 3.9.0 once I installed it. It wiped out, then, 6 months of work).

    I'm importing songs from my folders to my collection (playlists in my collection). I could see the songs that went in. After I was done, I went to collection and checked consistency (to analyze my new songs further more, in Mixed in Key). After check consistency was done, suddenly and out of nowhere (without Traktor crashing, shutting down etc) Traktor decided to completely wipe out all the imports I've done during the past whole 3 months (it's now NOT showing any new import after October 10th 2023).

    Eventually I imported another collection (last one saved January 8th 2024) and just have to redo the past week of work.

    ALWAYS KEEP FREQUENT BACKUPS. Command + S and save after any time you have massive work done.

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