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Hello all,

I´ve a question and I hope someone can help me.

I´ve created several playlists 70s 80s 90s etc.

In normal cases when I import songs in playlists sorting by decades I see them all in the correct way and directory.

But sometimes when I add songs some older songs have disappeared or are also randomly copied to other playlists. This happens so often and drives me crazy.

When I add again the disappeared songs all the previous made edits are there. No need to do it again

I have the songs on an external HD.

Does anyone have an idea and could help me?

Many thanks in advance

Best regards Bernd

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  • lord-carlos
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    Answer ✓

    Here are people reporting the same issue:

    But no solution or cause of problem yet :/

    Are you using any cloud services to save your tracks? Like iCloud or dropbox.

  • Krachsepp
    Krachsepp Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Hi Lord-Carlos,

    many thanks for your fast reply!

    At least I´m happy that it seems I´m not too stupid to work with the application :)

    I´m not using acloud based system. I´m using oldschool external HDs with backup for this program.

    That works fine for me.

    Then I´m looking forward to the bug fix from NI hopefully within forseeable time.

    Thanks again and best regards Bernd

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