native accees license issues

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I have mac pro 2019 intel. faced the following problem. my NA doesn't show up for loading plugins.

the fact is that a year ago I installed free products from NI. everything was fine with them. but a couple of days ago I bought a new komplete kontrol a49. added license number to NA but nothing happened. even the old plugins started to slow down a lot. work became impossible. I decided to completely reinstall NA and all their products. I found how to do it right on this forum, but it only got worse.

After a complete reinstallation of NA, the following problem appeared. in my NA it began to display only 4 products (I attach a screenshot). but they don't work. they are

completely empty. there is no a single preset, no a single library. just empty. I tried to add the license number again, but it does not work because it has already been used. I don't know what to do with all this. nothing helps

perhaps someone can help me give some advice?

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