How do I control ableton lives "blue hand mode/automappin" with maschine mk3 encoders?

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Hey guys,

I use maschine as vst in ableton with this script: pretty cool and deep integration, but I can`t use the encoders of the mk3 to control lives blue hand mode. If I use a custom midi script like I do with my komplete kontrol mk1 for the maschine mk3 I can only control the macros, but nothing else like play, stop, etc.

For komplete kontrol mk1, I use the regular NI midi script in ableton as well as a custom one shown in the video here and it works great simultaniously! It changes between NI and custom script whenever I arm a track, depends on what is currently loaded on the track.

For the maschine mk3, I tried to combine the features of the unofficial midi script, but without any success. What do I miss here ? NI controller editor, change ableton remote script, learn python?

-If I use the midi in to control ableton with the unofficial script there is no free channel like in the case of the komplete kontrol. kkontrol has: - komplete kontrol Daw- and -komplete kontrol 1- to control ableton with midi scripts, maschine has just one channel -Cntrl MIDI-.

I also use the regular mk3 set up, but the encoders don`t work for the blue hand mode either.

Is there any way to use the unoffical script and use the encoders somehow? Toggling between custom and unoffical remote scripts in lives preferences is not the way.

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Did you check if the custom has some assignments that are overlapping the factory one?

  • Maex
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    edited June 2023

    Maybe I made a mistake there good point I`ll check that.

    If it works with my komplete kontrol mk1 custom script I have to compare the scripts

    cause the settings have to be similar I guess?

    But the unfofficial script I mentioned is more than a simple script if I am right.

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