Traktor Pro 3 3.4.0 (or older) installation kit, anyone?

licushorescu Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

Hello community,

I am writing to you, as I find the Native Instruments toolkit to be really confusing and rather disappointing to use. I am in desperate need of Traktor Pro 3 3.4.0. (or older) Win10 Installation kit, because of the following problem:

Can anyone help me? I bought my Traktor Pro 3 when it was at 3.8.0. version, so no roll-back/backup files available in my PC for 3.4.0. On the Legacy/Older versions Downloads page, there is only Traktor 2/3 Lite older versions available, no PRO versions to download. I am even thinking to risk it and find a pirated older version online, hoping that my 3.8.0. activation key will work on it, this is how annoying the resetting of the sensitivity is to me.

Can't thank you enough!


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