Traktor 3.6 did not remember the sensitivity settings of the potentiometers on the display.

Dj pako
Dj pako Member Posts: 28 Helper

When i change the sensitivity setting on the potentiometers on the screen for example from "Default" to "Fine" or "Coarse", after restarting the program all the settings I have changed return to "Default".

I have tried to "Export" the settings after the sensitivity changes and then "Import" but the problem remains. This happens after the update I made from version 3.4.2 to 3.6.1. In version 3.4.2 and all previous ones, the program kept the settings I changed.


  • Demus
    Demus Member Posts: 134 Pro

    I notice this also, so now you have reset it every time you open Traktor Pro 3, annoying. This goes for all nobs that are present in Traktor Pro 3 it would've saved after every adjustment you make now it just goes back to default every time you reopen Traktor Pro 3. I am puzzled as to why this is happening now when it wasn't like this in the old code or older version. Just like the cover art situation of some tracks not showing cover art ...annoying. Maybe it will all be finally fixed in Traktor Pro 4.

  • FreakyDee
    FreakyDee Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Any fix to this issue yet? I'm on Pro Plus 3.8.0 46 and still no saved settings yet. Very annoying!!!!

  • Dj pako
    Dj pako Member Posts: 28 Helper

    Unfortunately there is no solution yet...

  • licushorescu
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    edited June 5

    Traktor 3.8.0. user (a rather disappointed one) here: Why isn't there an official response to this problem? It is really inconvenient to set a dozen of knobs everytime I restart my program.

    If that's impossible (though it sounds absurd if it already was available/working in previous versions as far as OP lets us know), does anyone know any inventive workarounds?

  • Dj pako
    Dj pako Member Posts: 28 Helper

    I have opened a support ticket since October 2022 and the response from native instruments was that they were able to reproduce the problem and will forward it to the developers for resolution. From then until today, the problem unfortunately remains unsolved and I have no information.

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