Has nobody ever suggested to be able to use vst FX on the FX section on TRAKTOR?

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Hi, I use Traktor S8 on a bigger setup, with drum machines, synthesizers and Maschine. On my setup the signal chain ends up on Traktor, and from there will be really nice if I could manage the lats layer of effects with a bit more richness…

Will be nice to implement the possibility of assigning VST FX to the onboard controls, or at least the native FX from NI Maschine implemented on Traktor.

It’s been ever in mind the implementation of such a thing?

Thank you


  • LostInFoundation
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    I don’t know if it has ever been suggested. But it’s a nice idea (even though I don’t know how much NI will agree)

    I would suggest to add a “Feature request” to the tags

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    you probably could do this... afterall its just the routing of the sections of audio into a host application to manipulate the sounds with your VSTs of choice... audio output in traktor would need to be external and then making use of virtual audio ports... the only real issue you will face is the midi-clocking sync between your host application and traktor.

    A virtual midi port &generic midi template would also be setup to join the FX changes via the knobs on the S8 hardware.. providing the knobs on the S8 are learnable while the FX section is off, you would then put a separate toggle on the hostapplication to activate the FX

    basically the last section in your whole audio chain is the Host application

    This is how i utilise VSTs in my setup... the FX in traktor are great... but if you are wanting to leverage more FX via Vst's then thats how i normally go about it(this is where Reaper&Realearn shines!!)

  • zephry
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    The very first dj software I used with a controller had Vst support. This was over 10 years ago. It was called Torq by Maudio.

    I think better integration with Maschine would be an easy way to route channels and give Vst support that way.

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    It is wonder that NI has never made some kind of Maschine and Traktor integration. As well is not understandable that Maschine cannot export STEM files for Traktor. Not speaking about online STEM streams from Maschine to Traktor....

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    You actually can drag and drop your patterns on wav from Maschine to Traktor. On Maschine pattern view, next to pattern length, there is two icons, to export midi and audio from the whole group, from the audio one you can drag and drop in to a track deck or in to a mixing deck slot… but drag and drop is pretty useless in a live situation…

    As mentioned in another feature request;

    Will be great if you can assign the eight pads on some NI controllers to some groups on maschine and by pressing the pad or shift+pad you can actually load the audio from what is in the group direct in to the next empty slot. And then from there you can actually mix what you are just jamming in the other side…

    It is a very easy integration (it’s just an automation of existing functionalities), and will improve the NI ecosystem way further.

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    Been asked so many times already over the years.

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