Traktor UI options!

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Retro mode; With that brown and Yellow look.

Light Mode

Key Color mode; Thin border around the deck that the changes to the loaded tracks key color.

Default mode; what we currently have.

Or put out a forum poll with some choices?

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  • George Espinosa
    George Espinosa Member Posts: 16 Member

    Plus one for "light mode" or "day mode."

  • Owner
    Owner Member Posts: 275 Pro

    I would also like to give my upvote here, especially because of the day mode. Something that e.g. was implemented well in Serato by the way. I think that something similar will / must come at the latest when the GUI of Traktor is adapted for Retina. Anything else would be really disappointing.

  • zephry
    zephry Member Posts: 549 Pro

    It is a standard user friendly option.

    Although, most Dj software I know of is the same way. Shrugs my shoulders. Lol

  • Mathias68
    Mathias68 Member Posts: 11 Member

    1+ für Day Light Modus.

  • Eclectic Lily
    Eclectic Lily Member Posts: 30 Member

    Hi I'm a Machine and a Traktor user and learning both right now.

    I would like to ask for the daylight option for Traktor Pro view.

    I ask for 2 reasons, firstly I've glasses (I'm 56) and my eyes get very tired when I read white text on black background. I find much easier reading black text on white (or grey) background.

    Secondly the dark Traktor view is hard to read in daylight situations.

    Thank you very much indeed!

    Antonino Giglio

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