Multiple instances of NI products across different drives

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I'm having a nightmare. I got a new PC and added my SSD from my old setup with all my NI products installed on it. I've been trying to get them all in the same place: C: (SSD) for applications and VSTs, E: (SSD) for content, F: (HDD) for downloads. It's in a real mess and I can't update or repair any of them. I'm reluctant to remove any installs as I tried it with one product and I haven't been able to reinstall it, "Download Failed".

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.



  • Gee_Flat
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    Did you get Kontakt and Reaktor to open and work without content? If so, you should be able to direct Kontakt to the location of the content.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    How did you "tried to get them at the same place" exactly? Did you copy files? Did you follow these steps? Moving a Native Instruments Product to Another Location on Your Computer

    On the screenshots the locations for content are still on the C drive. and downloads are on the G drive and not E and F as you mentioned. I'm a little confused.

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