Korean Font Support in Traktor Pro 3

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I've been using Traktor since way back in the day and in Traktor 2, Korean file names (track/artist titles) could be displayed if you set the display font within Traktor to Arial Unicode MS. I've been using Traktor Pro 3 for a while, but not for my Korean gigs (because Traktor 2 was working), and I was going by the rule: if it ain't broke, don't fix it....

Today I tried to see if Korean stuff works in Traktor Pro 3 and unfortunately, it does not. All Korean titles show up as blank names (whitespace character), so I tried to go into Traktor Pro 3's settings to change the Traktor font to Arial Unicode MS just like in Traktor 2, but Arial Unicode MS does not show up in the list of available fonts to choose from. The font is installed for all users in Windows 10 and shows in the list in Traktor 2 settings, but does not show up as an available font in Traktor 3.

Is there anything I'm missing?

Thanks for your time!!

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    Hi @DJDancinDave confirming that this feature is unfortunately not implemented in Traktor Pro 3. I've moved your post to our Ideas section instead so others can vote. 🙂

  • DJDancinDave
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    Hello Kaiwan! You tagged the wrong DJ.. however I WOULD like to upvote for this feature to be added. Traktor 3 should be able to display all languages for all people to DJ with :)

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