NIPatcher - Tool to modify Maschine (MacOS)



  • PoorFellow
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    Thank you for your effort and for sharing ! 🙂

  • Max Trau
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    just to let you know :

    it doesn't seem to have broken anything on my setup

  • Kaldosh
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    @D-One After a long time i could finally test the patch for the Jam focus.

    I can confirm it indeed allows to change pattern without loosing focus on the group, it is a nice step forward for some used cases, though Controls are still matching on both controller and having distinct focus on each controller allowing to control 2 sound or group controls at the same time is the ultimate goal in this case I think

  • D-One
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    Thanks, good to know.

    Amazing that users can fix something that was a top request for many, many years and it's fully functional with just 2 or 3 lines of code... tbh this was the main goal of NIPatcher, to prove a point - if certain things aren't added it sure isn't due to implementation difficulty.

    Regarding the focus system: I haven't looked into it deeply to know if full independent control is even possible by just editing the files that the patcher has access too, if it is then it for sure will be way more complicated than 2 lines of code, personally likely won't waste my time given how little attention this project got, I'll prob just kill this project soon but if someone else figures it out in te lua files maybe I'll add it, idk yet

  • Sunborn
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    ...we are still hoping desperately for a Windows version! 🧐

  • Max Trau
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    I can't open NIpatcher on sonoma 14.2.1

    I checked the box to avoid software protection, but the app won't launch

    Any idea how to solve this ?

    Thank you

  • macchinista
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    100% - There is a lot of functionality backed in the LUA scripts, and many "low hanging fruits" feature requests could be implemented with limited amount of code changes, if anybody at NI really cared. So your point is made!

    As for the focus system, I don't think that's possible. I looked at the LUA code at some point and I found out that all controllers have access to the same sound in focus in the Maschine software. So because you can only have one sound in focus in the software, you can only play that one. Hope this makes sense....🤣

  • D-One
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    edited January 31

    That's what i assumed since focus is such core functionality.

    Would you say that creating new functions and classes for a hypothetical focus#2 where most of the code is copied and just slightly modified is a feasible task or would be weeks of work?

    With JAM dead and S-Series not even supporting Maschine it looks like we are heading to a future where NI HW products are 100% segregated anyway... so, probably no point in even trying tbh.

  • macchinista
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    Hard to tell. The current "focus" mechanism is tied to what's shown in the Maschine software as far as the controls and the pattern editor go. So I am guessing a focus#2 would not be a straightforward implementation. There would have to be another mechanism specifically designed for multiple controllers at the same time.

  • Rilkecat
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    Just noticed about this project. Amazing work, keep it up @D-One !

    I am not a developer myself but have some understanding, will try to do some tests on some functionalities and see how it goes.

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