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I think my licenses are causing conflict with each other. I need your help.

Karl Park
Karl Park Member Posts: 4 Sine

First of all, I originally had 'Komplete 11 Ultimate', and I purchased 'Komplete 13 Ultimate Update'.

And I wanted to sell it to someone else, but I couldn't get a license transfer for 'Komplete 13 Ultimate Update' because I just bought it. So, only 'Komplete 11 Ultimate' was sold through license transfer, leaving 'Komplete 13 Ultimate Update' .

The problem comes up from here. I purchased 'Komplete 13' again, but there are still items from the 'Komplete 13 Ultimate Update' in Native Access, and when I download the Kontakt, it shows up as a demo version.

To sum up, now I have registered products of 'Komplete 13' (which is vaild) and 'Komplete 13 Ultimate Update' (which is invaild) . I only want to use 'Komplete 13', but I can't use it properly now, as if the licenses were in conflict with each other.

I ask for help on how to solve this problem.


  • Gee_Flat
    Gee_Flat Member Posts: 642 Saw
    edited March 19

    To my knowledge there is no such thing as Kontakt Demo version.

    Older instruments opened in Kontakt 7 Player can load as 'Demo', but not sure about K6 factory library or instruments from K13 doing that.

  • Karl Park
    Karl Park Member Posts: 4 Sine

    There are a few things I haven't written, so I'm writing more.

    When I launch Native Access 2, it's showing up 172 items that all included K13 Ultimate.

    Of course I have no more authorizations for using apps from Ultimate, I think it's my mistake trying to sell it separately(K11 Ultimate and K13 Ultimate Update).

    So now I have 2 registered products : K13 and K13 Ultimate Update.

    And I just wanted to use apps that are only included in K13 such as Guitar Rig 6.

    But when I install GR6, it's installed as demo version. And when I launch it, 3 buttons are showing up: Demo, Buy online, and activate. When I click Activate to activate GR6, only Native Access is turned on and nothing literally happens.

    Should I make another account to transfer K13 and use it properly? Or is there any solution for my abandoned K13 Ultimate Update that causing all these problems?

  • Karl Park
    Karl Park Member Posts: 4 Sine
  • Gee_Flat
    Gee_Flat Member Posts: 642 Saw
    edited March 20

    Sorry I honestly can't help with that. But once an account is created for a product you have to use that account.

  • Karl Park
    Karl Park Member Posts: 4 Sine

    Thank you for trying to help me. To begin with, I solved the problem!

    This is the last way I tried : Sending a license transfer request of K13 Ultimate Update to deactivate from my account.

    And after the request is accepted, only 103 items included in K13 were displayed in my Native Access and the 'DEMO' problem has been solved. It's working now.

    I'm sorry to bother you. Thank you again for your concern!

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