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Hairy Bill
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Hi guys.

Just a quick one for some advise please.

My iMac hard drive recently failed and has needed to be replaced. I lost all my work and software. Nightmare! I’ve had it repaired and it’s ready to roll again.

My issue is that I’ve had maschine, komplete and Komplete Kontrol for years now. Using Discs in an external disc drive, that I don’t have anymore, to install the original shop bought programs. I’ve also taken full advantage of the NI Crossgrade offers over the years to upgrade as well. So I’m well down the line from my original purchases.

My question is: do I need to install my original products by disc again? Or can I just jump on the newer programs on Native Access? I obviously don’t want to mess the new install up. Plus don’t want to miss libraries/sounds/instruments out from previous versions of software that might not in newer ones.



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