Add keyboard aftertouch support to Maschine



  • Wallirec
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    I have a CME Xkey keyboard with aftertouch - while the machine software does not respond to this type of command

  • Jdubbs75
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    I know this if Native Instruments doesn’t start getting their ****** together with maschine i sadly maybe heading over to ableton push.

  • Kymeia
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    Cheers - I’m just so pleased to see the new keyboards have poly AT as I’d hoped :) I hope I am also right about the implications for Maschine too, although maybe we won’t see those immediately, otherwise it’s going to be even more out of sync with the keyboards

  • D-One
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    I'm glad you like it, the response so far seems positive. I am not sure tbh, it seems logical to add AT to Maschine because of the KKS mk3 but then again they removed all Maschine related buttons from it...

    EDIT: Actually i just saw a YouTuber say "The entire integration with Maschine is gone since not many people use it" 🤷‍♂️ Sounds kind of crazy to me that it will not work with the M+.

  • Milkman
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    I certainly hope there is some sort of revamp for poly AT inside machine, and I hope the positive result is not just for those who spend more money on the new S series mk3 keyboards.

  • ozon
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    @D-One wrote

    I'm glad you like it, the response so far seems positive.

    Really? Most of the comments on the YT video are pretty negative.

    Personally, I’d be very disappointed if that is the big thing that was announced for months…

  • darkwaves
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    I'm seeing the same on reddit. I think a subset of people commenting on it don't really see the value in polyphonic aftertouch, but it's quite a big deal IMO.

    I've never considered buying one of their keyboards. I'm not currently in the market for a midi keyboard; but if I were; I'd have to consider them because I'm not seeing many full sized midi controllers out there with poly aftertouch. I'd probably end up going with a synth and have it do double duty (specifically looking at the Osmose); but NI would be in consideration.

    I don't have the space for another large keyboard (even a 49 key); but I would buy a m32 with poly aftertouch without thinking twice about it. lol. I've been thinking about buying the hydrasynth explorer just to have a little portable keyboard with poly aftertouch.

  • macchinista
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  • Philippe
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    Apart Poly AT, the fact it seems you can get rid of KK software hosting could be a plus for me. But it probably will need plugin updates from MANY companies. So not now. And the price does not help.

  • Ben C
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    Just adding my voice to this. I have so many synths with AT as a first-class modulator, and given that we know the Mk3/M+ pads can read continuous pressure (because it's used to set the velocity of subsequent notes in Note Repeat/Arp modes), it makes little sense that the software doesn't record that data as AT in normal pad and chord modes, it's such a waste of the hardware's capability. I mean, AT seems to quite rare on MIDI keyboards at the more compact and/or affordable end of the market, so the fact that Maschine is physically able to read it actually gives it quite a selling point, which isn't being taken advantage of.

    I can only guess that something in the roots of the software and the way it's written means it would be a non-trivial job to add this functionality. Someone way back when probably thought, "Well, it's primarily a beat-making tool, and AT is a feature only really useful to fairly advanced players of proper keyboards, not people tapping out basslines or synth lead melodies on pads". And there's probably some truth to the reality of playing melodic parts on pads that means AT is difficult to make proper use of, especially polyphonically, but I know I'd find it super-useful for adding expression to pads, for example.

    It's also a fact that people may want to use Maschine as their DAW and hook up AT-enabled keyboards, but maybe NI think you should only use Maschine as a driver for the controller, and otherwise run it as a plug-in inside a proper DAW for anything beyond that 🤷‍♂️

  • EvertJG
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    A few weeks ago in the AMA for the new MK3 keyboards I noted the following from Matt (my bold added):

    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 335 mod

    September 18

    ReefiusSep 12, 2023

    I hope there will be an update for Maschine soon to support the polyphonic aftertouch of these keyboards.

    I'll try and keep it focussed on Kontrol S MK3 topics. We'll talk more about Maschine later, as there are questions regarding the Kontrol S MK3 integration (there isn't one).

    However, we can all understand why people have questions. Maschine has so many varied users and needs, that even though we continue to update the product (several times this year) there continue to be others disappointed in a lack of whatever features they'd asked for.

    The simple answer to your question is YES. I'm looking at my desk, and a version of the existing Maschine Plus running with polyphonic aftertouch fully implemented. We hope to get this (and more features besides) to beta this year, and either release this year or early next if beta goes well.

  • Kymeia
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    It's good, but I hope this does not mean we will never get channel aftertouch support in Maschine (for series 1 and 2 keyboards and the majority of keyboards with aftertouch)

    Also does Massive X support Poly aftertouch on a Series III? I don't have one to try

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