Nuo-Stems 3.0 just got released.

lord-carlos Member Posts: 1,555 Expert

Nuo Stems is used to created stems from "normal" tracks.

Version 3 got some fresh UI and a better algorithm. Can also use your GPU now for faster processing.

Here is a quality comparaison:



  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    Yeah man, it’s very very good. I use a lot for my sets.

  • myalteredsoul
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    How does it compare to RipX?

  • Sûlherokhh
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  • LostInFoundation
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    The second video linked by @lord-carlos has the comparisons. It seems better than RipX (and also the other ones…only Serato seems to be on same level…at least for vocals). Which I didn’t expect.

    RipX isn’t the best in town, but has many other functions that makes it a very good product

    Thank you for the info lord-carlos

  • Percivale
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    Nice, NI can acquire this tech.

  • Vladyk _Dj
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    When own stem file then Serato DJ pro copes.Very strange and it is not clear why the stems algorithm did not include compression in this stems file and did not add something of its own.Whe from the track does stems automatically ,highlights the voice, or drums in it this same algorithm stems includes compression and adds something special to the soundin the Serato DJ pro . Оr maybe the own file of this stem sounded in mono mode, which is made in nuo Stems because of this there was no compression and something special was not added. But the algorithm is configured, it cannot behave differently.The stems algorithm perceives and understands this as an audio track,but he cannot understand and perceive it otherwise.The algorithm works according to the analysis - the sample embedded in it.The algorithm works according to the analysis - the sample embedded in it.I manually divide the track into more trunks-stems, just to be more detailed and to control the volume balance between the trunks-stems, well, the algorithm can automatically do this, give it such analyzes.

  • D21
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    how about compare with Stemverter 3 ?

  • tac0cat
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    I don't believe stemverter exports as a traktor stem file. I wish it did because I've been super happy with the quality.

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