Cannot activate Komplete Hardware/Software Bundle

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Today I bought the KK M32 + Komplete Standard bundle that was part of the Summer Sales but I have been struggling to get anything working ever since.

Not only is Native Access 2 being extremely uncooperative (I had to download the old White version to get anything working reliably on both my M1 Mac and my Windows PC), I am unable to use any of the purchased software.

This KB article suggests that I should be able to use them even before receiving the hardware:

But, even though I followed all of the instructions to a T, I'm still stuck with everything that I download showing up as demo versions, in spite of the fact that I should now own the software.

I have contacted support but I have yet to hear back from them, so in the meantime I am posting this here since I doubt I am the only one facing this issue.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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    @Titus It seems the issue was fixed by my colleagues, there was probably a glitch in your case.



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