Maschine Plus - what happend with updates?

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Hey, I know it's not appropriate to ask about updates lately, but usually both the software and the device were updated at the same time. Is this somehow changed now and we should not likely count on M+ updates anytime soon? 

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    ? It's OK to ask anything... Obviously, official responses to such questions aren't a thing... So the best you will get is user's opinions.

    It didn't change, if an update has something that relates to the M+ then you get updates for both but it just so happens that for a while it's been mostly just VST3 and Apple Silicon or an occasional bugfix.

    Typically when new hardware is released there's a bunch of update activity to improve it for about 2 years but then eventually it dies down as they focus on something else... Personally, I wouldn't expect any meaningful update anytime soon but this is just my opinion.

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    This particular person shared a screenshot from a survey they say is dated April of 2022! I don't want to get busted for posting leaks, but as far as I know, this may be an entirely separate device than the rumored Push 3...



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