[NKS] Freelance Soundlabs 3rd Party NKS Libraries for Komplete Kontrol / Maschine

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For the Komplete list of now supported plugins see our page here:

Freelance Soundlabs has released/supported many NKS Libraries for many plugins over the last 7+ years for the Komplete Kontrol / Maschine software and hardware.

Thanks to your support we have managed to cover an ever growing number of instruments and will continue to add NKS support as long as users keep supporting our work.


Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine hardware and software offers users a convenient way to browse, load and start tweaking the Komplete selection of VST instruments and a small handful of 3rd party "NKS Ready" instruments. Unfortunately there are many VSTs that will probably never be NKS compatible or will be a long way off.

With 15+ years of experience in DAWs and software synths and 7+ years experience in developing NKS libraries, our NKS libraries take your user feedback to constantly improve our libraries.

Each library has a well designed, fully labelled control template, in-depth tagging (conforming to NKS standards), artwork/database files and sound previews along with free updates and support.

Almost all libraries will work for both PC and Mac users with the following requirements:


  • Komplete Kontrol software v2.1 (Komplete 2.8 for VST3)
  • Maschine Software 2.0+ (Maschine 2.16 for VST3)
  • Komplete Kontrol S Series MK1/MK2 compatible
  • Komplete Kontrol A Series
  • Komplete Kontrol M Series
  • Maschine Studio, Micro, MK2/MK3 compatible
  • Supports VST2 / 3 (check each plugin page to see what version is currently supported)
  • Works on PC / MAC
  • Supports 64 bit installations only
  • You must own the actual VST and libraries, these are only NKS preset files.

Notice On Apple Silicon Support

As of Komplete Kontrol 2.8.0 we now have native Apple Silicon support but this isn't without some problems.

VST2 is now discontinued by Steinberg and while Windows and Mac Intel users can still use VST2 in the latest Komplete Kontrol, macM1 users will no longer be able to use VST2 and will now be required to use VST3 plugins if they wish to run their DAW/KK in native mode.

Currently most NKS libraries will NOT load a VST3 version of a plugin until these are updated and while this will happen it will take significant time. Also, while every effort will be made to update NKS libraries not all can/will be updated so if browsing your NKS libraries from Freelance Soundlabs on your new M1 machine is important you must run things in Rosetta compatibility mode for the time being.

You can help the process and show your support by Donating if you would like to help.

Demo & Example Videos

A bit of a demo from a fellow user on why the NKS libraries are so useful:

Have an NKS request? Contact Us

We would encourage you to join our facebook page to get the latest news and updates as I am unsure of the frequency of updating here, or just register as a user on the site for detailed news


Note: We do clear out inactive registrations so if you register an account but do not purchase any libraries your account may be deleted after a few months. This is to maintain limiting of spamming emails.



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    Supported VST2 / 3 Migratable Libraries

    PLEASE NOTE: Although VST3 support is specified this will NOT instantly mean your mac M1 system is supported. VST3 plugins still need to be updated by their developers to support Apple Silicon.

    The following list of libraries will work with EITHER the VST2 or VST3 version of a plugin. This means if you have the VST2 version installed, it will be used otherwise VST3 will automatically load in place and there should be no need to update your existing NKS library.

    These have been tested to load the preset and also work with the current controller mappings.

    Please be sure to check freelancesoundlabs.com for the latest information and compatibility of these libraries.

    Supported VST3 Only Libraries

    This list of libraries will load in the VST3 version of a plugin only. VST2 plugin versions are not supported (and will not be supported)

    VST2 / VST3 Supported Plugins

    This list of libraries offers a separate VST2 and VST3 compatible NKS library with many of these being upgraded to VST3 from VST2. Some plugins originally developed for VST2 may have a small upgrade cost to update to VST3 if needed and some newly released plugins will include both a VST2 and VST3 library for you to choose what you need.

    *Korg Legacy Cell does not currently have a VST3 version for PC so I cannot test this. A VST3 exists for macOS but until a version is available for PC this cannot be upgraded.

    Currently Supported VST2 Only Plugins

    This list covers all libraries that currently support loading only the VST2 version. Many of these will be updated to VST3 versions soon if VST3 exists but currently if it is listed here, it is not tested for use with VST3. We are aware that some libraries are loading the VST3 plugin just fine but controls are not working, this requires an update to the control template.

    2nd Sense Wiggle
    Air Music Boom
    Air Music DB-33
    Air Music Drumsynth 500
    Air Music Hybrid 3
    Air Music Loom 2
    Air Music Mini Grand
    Air Music Strike
    Air Music Structure
    Air Music theRiser
    Air Music Transfuser 2
    Air Music Vacuum Classic
    Air Music Vacuum Pro
    Air Music Velvet
    Air Music Xpand!2
    Arturia Analog Lab 4
    Cableguys Curve2
    D16 Drumazon
    D16 LuSH-101
    D16 Nepheton
    D16 Phoscyon
    D16 Nithonat
    D16 PunchBox
    Dmitry Sches Thorn
    Gforce Imposcar
    Gforce M-Tron Pro
    Gforce M-tron MKII
    Gforce Minimonsta
    Gforce Oberheim SEM
    Gforce Oddity2
    Gforce Virtual String Machine
    Gospel Musicians Bassalicious
    Gospel Musicians Neo Soul Keys 2
    Gospel Musicians Pure Synth Platinum
    Izotope Iris 2 [VST3 unstable,Izotope state plugin is discontinued, no VST3 support will be released]
    Kilohearts KhsOne
    Korg Legacy Cell
    Lethal Audio Lethal
    Loopmasters Bass Master Factory
    Loopmasters Bass Master Expansions
    MusicLab RealEight
    MusicLab RealGuitar
    MusicLab RealGuitar Complete
    MusicLab RealLPC
    MusicLab RealRick
    MusicLab RealStrat
    Novation Bass + V-station
    Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra
    Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ
    Sonic Academy A.N.A 1
    Sonic Academy A.N.A 2
    Sonic Academy Kick 2 Factory
    Sonic Projects OPX Pro II
    Sonivox Big Bang Cinematic
    Sonivox Big Bang Universal Percussion
    Sonivox Eighty Eight
    Sonivox Orchestral Companion Brass
    Sonivox Orchestral Companion Strings
    Sonivox Orchestral Companion Woodwinds
    Sonivox Singles: Atsia Percussion
    Sonivox Singles: BlueJay Drums
    Sonivox Singles: Bright E-Guitar
    Sonivox Singles: Classic Bass
    Sonivox Singles: FM Piano
    Sonivox Singles: Full Collection
    Sonivox Singles: Harmonica
    Sonivox Singles: Harpsichord
    Sonivox Singles: Session Drums 1
    Sonivox Singles: Silk Road Percussion
    Sonivox Singles: Taylor Acoustic Guitar
    Sonivox Solina Redux
    Sonivox Stratum
    Sonivox Twist 2
    Sonivox Wobble 2
    Soundspot Union
    Soundtoys 5 FX
    Tone 2 Electra2
    Tone 2 Gladiator
    Tone 2 Icarus
    Tone 2 Icarus 2
    Tone 2 Nemesis
    Tone 2 RayBlaster
    Vengeance Avenger [Currently the VST3 version of Avenger crashes Maschine and Komplete Kontrol]
    WA Production Ascension
    WA Production Babylon
    WA Production ImPerfect
    XLN Audio Addictive Keys
    XLN Audio XO

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    Please read through this FAQ section before emailing me with support assistance. In most cases, any issues you have will be because the plugin or Komplete Kontrol are not setup correctly and nothing to do with the files I offer.

    Test using the Free download

    A free version is offered for all plugins so you can download and test how it will work before making a payment for the full library. If you have any issues with artwork or the presets working within komplete or maschine please make sure you get this sorted before donating.

    How do I install these?

    There are install instructions within the zip download for PC / Mac. It simply involves copying the preset files to your "User Library" location and the artwork files to the "Database" location which is explained within the instructions. There is now also a video on our youtube channel and probably posted in this thread too.

    I followed the instructions to a "T" but it's not working

    If it is not working, likely you have not quite followed to a "T" and have missed a step. Usually:

    • Did you install the files to the correct path? Did you double check this?
    • Did you make sure you have the VST2 version of the plugin installed (AU and VST3 are not supported)?
    • Did you make sure the VST is scanned and recognised by Komplete Kontrol software?
    • Did you launch the Komplete Kontrol software in Standalone Mode and allow it to scan?
    • If it did not scan did you confirm the user path in the Preferences and try a manual scan?
    • Is your VST plugin up to date?

    Check the top of the thread for detailed troubleshooting (with pictures) or a moving pictures (video) example of the installation​

    Failing all that you can get in contact with me but try and include some useful information such as your versions of plugins/KK software, Operating System etc. Simply saying "I installed this and followed instructions but nothing is working" is not useful to me.

    I receive the error "Could Not Locate Plugin"

    This is because the VST plugin is not available in the Preferences>Plugins tab. This will usually be because of any of the following reasons:

    • You do not have the VST2 version of the plugin installed
    • The path the plugin is installed to is not listed in the plugin preferences tab in KK
    • You have not launched KK standalone application and done a "Rescan" of the plugins

    Can you change the template to include missing functionality

    Possibly depending on the plugin. Some libraries have a different preset template per-preset and not globally for all presets, common with modular plugins. Some parameters are not open to "host automation" so cannot be mapped into an NKS template. Let me know tho and I can see what the deal is. I do add almost every usable parameter where possible so chances are I either glossed over one or it is not possible.

    I have additional presets for a VST, can I also browse these too?

    To browse any presets they have to be converted to NKS format first. I always include all factory content with a plugin and sometimes additional expansion content if there is enough demand and the cost is reasonable. I may be able to convert presets you have so get in touch.

    I have a VST that I would love to browse, could you do this?

    Let me know what the VST is and I will have a look. I can only script instruments I personally hold a license for. I sometimes get assistance direct from developers so always worth asking. Optionally if you are keen to purchase me a copy of the software and it's possible to be scripted I will give you the presets back for free in exchange otherwise I till take any requests and note them down adding each request to the list, when enough people ask for it I will consider it.

    I have a fully working cracked version of a VST I can send you?

    I do not accept any cracked versions of plugins nor can I accept sharing of a users account for the task. It is only fair for the developer I either own the plugin or seek their assistance. If you choose to use cracked plugins that is your business but do not ask me for any kind of assistance to get them working with NKS, even if you purchase a library and it does not work.

    Does the sound preview feature work with User presets?

    Yes. If you click a preset and check the "Edit" tab in the NKS browser and select the "Properties" tab you will see a version number:

    This version number indicates the NKS library version and date of release/update. This is a way you can check if your library is the latest updated version.

    Libraries with version 2.x.x include sound previews.

    First number indicates a major update affecting the whole NKS library system

    Second number is sequenced over all libraries during some maintenance updates and indicated some kind of significant change to the plugin library or template

    Third number indicates a small change such as a change in artwork or a which fix to some files etc.

    Will the NKS library work with VST3?

    Please be sure to check the "Compatibility" section on each product page for VST compatibility or check the post above Here on the current status of plugins. If it does not state VST3 specifically then chances are, no it will only currently work with the VST2 version of a plugin. Work is being done to update what can be updated to VST3 and this info will be updated as required on each page.

    I have issues now running v2.8.0 on an Apple M1 based system?

    If you run Komplete Kontrol in native Apple Silicone mode you will now lose the ability for Komplete Kontrol to host VST2 plugins. Some plugin developers have updated their VST3 plugins to load from a call to a VST2 plugin (so some work) but in our tests, 95%+ plugins will not load without the NKS library being updated. It is suggested to run your DAW in Rosetta compatibility mode for the moment.

    I didn't pay for an M1 mac to run things in compatibility mode, when will this be resolved???

    Could take years to have things resolved and there is the chance that some of your instruments will never have a working VST3 version or an updated NKS library. There is simply nothing that can be done to speed this up so either work in compatibility mode, drop and forget the things that are not working for you, switch to Windows or simply have some patience. Those are your options.

    I understand I have to wait for VST3 compatibility but can you work on library XYZ first?

    As much as I understand your personal needs are important to you, the approach I will take is based on how many people are registered to use the libraries. The ones affecting the largest number of users will be attended to first. If you want to offer me a decent hourly rate to look at a specific library first then I may be able to speed up the process but otherwise, it is when I have time (or could be bothered to do it).

    This all sounds like a lot of work, can I help in any way?

    It is a huge amount of work especially since personally I choose Windows for my main production work purely because it is not affected by this kind of constant compatibility problem so this is of no priority to me personally. It is estimated it could easily take well over 500 hours to update things since some stuff may need to be completely redone.

    You can really help by donating to help us cover some of the time.

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    VST2 to VST3 Update Status

    Below are the libraries I am currently investigating and testing just so you know what is being looked into. You will find a list above of the current status of libraries and if they load ion the VST2 or VST3 plugin.

    UVI Workstation / Falcon Libraries

    I have tested and confirmed that all UVI libraries (and anything else that uses UVI Workstation/Falcon) is fully migratable between VST2/3 automatically. No need to update your NKS libraries tho I will be doing a bit of an update in an attempt to make the library a single compatible library that will use Falcon/Workstation selectively without the need for separate library versions but this will require libraries updated to use VST3 only.

    Spectrasonics Omnisphere / Trilian / Keyscape / RMX

    Have just been updated to work with VST3. The library files needed significant updates to migrate them to VST3 but should now load and function in the same way as the VST2 libraries did. I would recommend users look at updating even if their VST2 version is fine since no further updates will occur for the VST2 versions.


    These appear to load the VST3 version of the plugin but controls do not work. I will be updating control templates for these and issuing an update.

    Cherry Audio

    These need to all be updated to VST3 with new control maps but will be done hopefully by the end of the year.

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    Issues \ Support

    We have thousands of users that are happily using these NKS libraries. If you are having issues getting it working it is normally an easy fix so just post a simple message here and I (or other users) will help get you up and running. If you notice any performance issues let me know and we will try and work through them. Every system is different but based on number of downloads and number of reported issues, there are few/none that I know of.

    If it does not work for you please check the following

    Windows Users

    Mac Users

    By far the most common issue is the fact the instrument plugin is not installed as a VST or the VST.dll file is not loaded by KK/Maschine (either due to an older version of KK being used or the VST.DLL file is not located in the location the software loads plugins from).

    • Do you have Komplete Kontrol 2.1+ or later installed?
    • Do you have Maschine 2.0 or later installed?
    • Can you load the instrument manually in: Menu > Plugins

    If you have the library installed but receive the "Plugin Not Found" error then this is due to the actual plugin instrument not being available in Komplete/Maschine to load. Reasons for this:

    • Is the VST version installed (you may have an AU version installed which is not compatible with NKS)
    • Is the VST 64bits? (do NOT bother adding your 32bit VST folder to the preferences in KK/Maschine, 32bit is dead!)
    • Is the VST.dll file located in the location KK/Maschine is looking for plugins (check KK Preferences > Plugins > User)
    • Have you tried a Rescan of the plugins preferences
    • Have you copied the Preset folder to the correct location? The preset files need to be copied to your KK User folder which you can easily see the path in Preferences > Library > User
    • Have you opened KK in Standalone mode and done a "Rescan". In the Preferences > Library > User you will see a Rescan button.
    • Are you looking in the USER library section of the KK software? The presets will be accessible from the user browser of the KK software, not the factory browser. click this button (should be lit)

    Maschine is pretty much the same method. Check your preferences for the user and plugin library locations.

    By default Maschine does not have the same User library path as Komplete Kontrol so if your NKS library does not appear in both, check this is valid.

    Still having issues? Just reply via this thread.

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    Now Available

    UVI Quadra

    Quadra Metal and Wood, Muted and Harmonics libraries are now available supporting both Falcon and Workstation. Most of the useful controls have been pre-mapped for host automation and all files have been tagged

    2nd Sense Audio Wiggle

  • JesterMgee
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    Now Available: Omnisphere Expansion NKS

    A few new Omnisphere libraries have NKS support with full tagging converted from Omnisphere to NKS 1.5.

    • PlugHugger Cellos and Darkness
    • PlugHugger Element 27
    • PlugHugger Zero Point One
    • ILIO BT Modern Wave

    If you have the Omnisphere Factory Library on your account you can login and view all Omnisphere Expansion Libraries here:

  • paulyminogue
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    Thank you very much! Im really looking forward for Gforce String Maschine and Cherry Audio Quadra :) 🙈


  • Kubrak
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    Jester, what about Eventide plugins? It does not seem that they make them NKS ever. They did one few years ago, but none since then....

  • JesterMgee
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    I have a coupe of effects from them, mostly focused on synths but I can look into them.

  • Kubrak
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    Would be great. They also provide demo for a month or so.

  • JesterMgee
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    Often demos disable the saving of presets in the VST which is a feature I need to access. Also for maintenance and updates I need to own a copy so cannot use old/demo/cracked copies of plugins, has to be the latest. Only Eventide ones I have is Black hole, Ultra Channel and Ultra Reverb. I use the reverb one quite a bit, but personally would never use it in KK as I find effects useless within KK compared to just loaded in a track in Live, often it's in a return channel so can't be used in KK and since KK does not allow saving of instrument + effect I have just never seen the point of effects yet.

    Still, for Maschine it would be useful I guess.

  • Kubrak
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    I see. Black hole is the only NKS by Eventide. So, Ultra Channel and Ultra Reverb.

    Looks like, I will have to make the rest myself, if I want them NKS.

  • CubaseThomas
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    Good evening!

    I just wanted to ask, if there are any plans for an updated UVI Vintage Vault NKS kit to VV4?

    I would appreciate the NKS support (and an upgrade path from the ' Vintage Vault 2 NKS kit') 😉

    Thank you as always!

  • JesterMgee
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    Yes it is being worked on, it's always a lot of work with UVI products as there is both Falcon/Workstation versions to manage and some of the instrument interfaces are just plain terrible to navigate, they always like to have each one behave just a little different but makes some of them almost unusable because of it (thank god for NKS). I already have 2 of the instruments done since I did them from standalone versions before VV4 came out so that has me a little ahead but may take me a month or more to do the rest.

  • Home Studio
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    Very Good news : G-Force OB-E v2 for MAC & WIN.... can't wait you make it NKS !

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