Ableton Live 11.1, M1 computers and NI VST Plug-Ins

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A new version of Ableton is now available, it supports M1 processors natively. It will run by default M1 natively. When used on an Apple Silicon computer, the Universal build of Live 11.1 only recognizes VST2 and VST3 plug-ins natively compiled for Apple Silicon. Our plug-ins are not yet natively supported so they will not show up, you need to run Ableton in Rosetta mode. You can check Ableton's article about it: Plug-ins on Mac in Live 11.1

AU plug-ins will work, they automatically run in compatibility mode.



  • expora
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    I updated to Live 11.1, tried creating a MIDI channel with Reaktor 6 on it and it worked.

    I opened Activity Monitor and noticed a process called AUHostingCompatibilityService (Live). I'm guessing that's what makes it work. I didn't have to open Live in Rosetta mode ("Apple" is shown under the kind column in Activity Monitor for Live while AUHostingCompatibility shows "Intel").

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey expora, yes, it doesn't affect AU plug-ins, only VST and VST3 as mentioned in the post. But maybe this should be more obvious, I'll edit the post, thanks for your input.

  • toneyrome
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    I don't expect VST2 to be updated as its support is dead. That being said, NI VST3 plugin (Super 8) doesn't show up. But all AU plugs work. Macbook M1 Max, Monterey, Ableton 11.1 (no rosetta).

  • expora
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    You're right, I was just thinking plug-ins in general, disregarding the AU/VST difference. Thank you for pointing it out and editing the post.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Our VST2 and VST3 will be updated to be compatible natively on Apple Sillicon computers.

  • Eight4aWish
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    Please, please, please open up any KK beta to a few more people. Please

  • Jeremy_NI
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    The current Komplete Kontrol beta doesn't offer native Apple Sillicon support yet. We'll keep you posted.

  • avensis
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    Hi, thanks for sharing the info.

  • ryguymotif
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    Thank you for the info. Does anyone know by when pretty much everything will be M1 compatible? I am wavering on whether or not to upgrade my Ableton to 11.1. If I knew everything would be Ableton compatible in a few months, I'd upgrade now.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @ryguymotif It will take a while to make all NI products to support native M1 processors. So far we only have Kontakt, more will come, little by little. Now about Ableton 11.1, please note that if you run it in Rosetta mode you'll be fine.

  • Jordanmark
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    @Jeremy_NI I observed a process called AUHostingCompatibilityService when I opened Activity Monitor (Live). That, I assume, is what makes it function. I didn't have to use Rosetta mode to start Live ("Apple" is shown under the kind column in Activity Monitor for Live while AUHostingCompatibility shows "Intel").

  • winihh
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    I used to have Maschine as a Midi-Input controller in Ableton (for example to use the arpegiator or chords).

    With AU you do not have this possibility because AU does not produce a Midi-Out (as far as I understood).

    So I changed to Rosetta-Mode. The VST(2) of Maschine appears again. But: I cannot get Maschine to produce a Midi-Out to Ableton Live any more.

    Did anyone of you experience the same? Or did I get something wrong?

    (As it is quite a hassle to set up Maschine within Ableton I tent to wait for a VST3... I hope Native Instruments is working on this...)

    Thank you so much for help and feedback.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @winihh You did nothing wrong, since VST2 is not supported at all on M1 computers, even in Rosetta mode, you can't record the MIDI out of Maschine or Komplete Kontrol in Ableton. VST3 is coming in the next update of Maschine and Komplete Kontrol. Good news: this update should drop in the next days.

  • Calagan
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    What about Reaktor ?

    I will receive an ARM mac in few days, and I want to be able to use Reaktor on stage (I've got plenty of tracks with Reaktor's synths).

    When will it be ARM native ? Is about weeks ? Months ? Years ? Or never (that would be a shame) ?

    And until then, what is the best way to run reaktor synths with an ARM machine ? Do you recommend to run the VST under Rosetta, or to use an Audio Unit version in native mode ?

    The latest option would enable to run all the other plugins in native mode (because most are native now) but maybe AUHostingCompatibility uses more CPU than Rosetta (I don't have the machine yet so I can't test, but I'd like to prepare my set for the transition).

    So what is the advice from NI ?

  • Cadiz
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    Sorry but this is incorrect, there are already a lot of vendors that have VST2 versions available that run natively on M1 processors (Soundtoys as an example) - I think that what you’re trying to say is that the latest version of Cubase 12 which is native doesn’t support VST2 anymore

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