Maschine software fully rescans Izotope plugins every launch

Jezric Member Posts: 52 Helper
edited November 2022 in Maschine

As other software that use VSTs do, Maschine maintains a list of previously scanned VSTs and only initiates a full rescan when something changes (i.e. new vsts/dlls are present in the plugin folder(s)).

I am seeing that no matter what, when Maschine launches it always does a full rescan of only the Izotope plugins. Which adds almost a minute to the launch time of Maschine. It doesn't rescan anything else, just Izotope plugins. If I remove all the Izotope physical files (vst3/dlls) from the plugin paths, startup time is nearly instant.

It does this on the two computers/installations I use regularly.

Seems like a bug to me. Anyone else?


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