New direction for Maschine (sound design vs drum box)



  • ozon
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    @D-One wrote:

    [Expansion Maker app] Humm... That would be cool, what would it do tho? Help with thumbnails? Facilitate tagging with a bigger GUI?

    Yes and yes, and a couple of other things:

    • Help with the directory structure of content
    • Help with ID and naming (though NI does have a major problem in that regard, since they didn’t go for a domain name scheme)
    • Help creating the visuals
    • Build installable packages
    • Portable tagging of content other than Samples (e.g. Sounds, Groups, Massive presets, Monark presets)
    • (Semi)automatic tagging (no need for intelligence or sound detection, directory naming patterns could already be very helpful for basic categories)
    • Creating portable Reaktor presets (with relative Ensemble paths)

    Simply put: Just everything you see in an official Expansion.

    Maybe, these Custom Expansions should not be located in the User realm because that would make User content area even more messy.

  • eyeyeyeye
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    Made this entirely on my Maschine+, definitely not beats and friends tell me it’s cinematic, so I’d like to think you can get out of the grid and sound-designy easily enough:

  • jkq2010
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    If they simply added time signature automation per Scene and tempo automation it would open up creativity exponentially. SOngs naturally change time sig and tempo throughout and its frustrating not to be able to do so, its a very strange oversight.

  • StevoWalko
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    Thank you for keeping that dream alive!

    Tempo and meter changes should only require upgrading Maschine2 software. The hardware is not an issue. I have come up with a few work arounds of my own besides getting insight from this community. Thank you and Please Play Plenty!

  • Olihop
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    For me, maschine is a good production system. Simple to use and efficient. I absolutely do not want it to become a daw like the others which are real gas factories. I hope it will continue to evolve keeping in mind its ease of use. The base is good and personally it lacks only a few features to be considered as a basic daw and to be able to finalize its productions more easily. I'm thinking in particular of a better management of sends fx and automation in the arranger.

    Apart from that, my wish is that they concentrate on the sampler and bring us new features like realtime time-stretch, also a better use of the screens to bring us more information and some useful effects for the production phase.

  • Cretin Dilettante
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    This. I'm gonna shout it from the rooftops and spam NI with comments about this until it gets implemented, I learn Audio Programming, and/or how to play drums.

    Is possible I didn't try hard enough, but the pattern view locks you to whole bar lengths unless you change time signatures, write a pattern in that time signature, and then change time signatures again. It may even adjust the sequence length to be a whole bar length after changing it back, if I'm remembering my frustrations correctly. I can write patterns that are odd bar lengths (3s, 5s, 7s, 9s, etc.) but I can't write a pattern in a fractional length like 3.2, even if I try to unlock the grid. So even if you were determined to make Maschine play nice with your time changes, it's still overly difficult to do so.

    But anyway, to answer the OP: I make noise/industrial/ambient/whatever I want, and even performed as part of an free improvisation supergroup using Maschine! I had a bunch of vocal loops that I assigned to different pads, made different rhythms with them and swapped patterns/scenes while I processed it all through an FX chain consisting of a bunch of glitchmachines plugins. (love you NI but Fracture is the shiznit.).

  • tribepop
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    Yeah these would be great features. I don’t know if the time signature automation is necessary because all that does is make your grid line up nicely but you can totally still program patterns in whatever time signature you want even if it doesn’t match what the project is set to. MIDI data is MIDI data regardless of a project’s time signature.

  • D-One
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    @Cretin Dilettante said:

    This. I'm gonna shout it from the rooftops and spam NI with comments about this until it gets implemented

    I hope you're very young, otherwise you're more likely to die of old age 1st... Many have asked for like a decade. On more serious note I do think people should just ask for stuff but repeating yourself over and over will prob frustrate yourself before it does NI's Product Owners... I doubt they even read the forums outside of major product launches.

    @Cretin Dilettante said:

    Is possible I didn't try hard enough, but the pattern view locks you to whole bar lengths unless you change time signatures

    It does not, you just have to use Shift while dragging the Pattern lenght handle, in the HW it's the same just use shift while rotating the knob that changes the length. You can have a Pattern 2.3 bars long for example.

    Same goes for Scenes/Sections.

  • ozon
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    you just have to use Shift

    @Cretin Dilettante FYI, this is true for many values: If a value can’t be adjusted in the steps you want, try pressing shift to enable fine resolution.

  • Cretin Dilettante
    Cretin Dilettante Member Posts: 116 Advisor

    I look young for 30, so I may very well have a maximum lifespan long enough to either see this come to fruition or to see NI die out.

    As for the shift-functions...Well darn, I missed this in the six years I've used Maschine. Thanks for the tip! I guess I will try writing music with this in mind. I usually start off by setting the tempo with the tap button, then tapping out whatever beat's in my head...and a fair amount of times it doesn't align perfectly with the grid, like it might be an eight note off from being a full 4/4 and I would drive myself crazy trying to adjust both the pattern length and time signature so that I could get it to loop perfectly and I never could. This may be the secret sauce!

  • D-One
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    Yeah... give it a shot. Perhaps for your requirements it can work, thats quite a bit of an odd issue tho, so you record on beat in 4/4 but end up with an odd length? Technically thats means you playing in a different (slower) BPM or are starting late.... as far as I understood it.

    Are you recording with the metronome on?

  • Cretin Dilettante
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    What I meant was, I'll perform an idea that makes sense to me musically/sounds musically correct, but after I hit the stop button, the pattern length will adjust in a way to where it doesn't loop perfectly in the way I'm expecting it to. It might loop to soon or too late because of how long the pattern is. Now that I know you can actually write patterns on a finer scale, I think I'll be able to figure it out.

  • ShelLuser
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    I know I am very late to the discussion but.. why would you even believe NI as being the ultimate truth?

    No, better: why would you not believe in yourself to, well, recognize potential?

    With all due respect, this is a "you" issue and not a NI issue.

    Disclaimer: Yes, I am a bit of a fanboy; no, I was too lazy to read the whole thread; yes, I am intoxicated at the time of writing (I should sue you for 10k for dicverting me fo my hit jingle,. ), errr... can't we all just get along? 🙃

    Sorry, but IMO it's kinda stupid. No disrespect intended mind you, but...

    Can you guess what's going on here?

    And may I remind you (quote product page): "The music production and performance instrument", what part of that implies hiphop?

    Before we go here: I can't stand hiphop, I respect the genre but .. puhlease. Not for me. Screw that.

    This is a favorite Expansion of mine =>

    .. and I use this mostly combined with Sunburst in metal'ish tracks.

    And as for hip/hop....

    hmmm.... I can achieve a lot of all that with Maschine, not all due to inexperience on my end.

    C'mon... Maschine a hiphop box? Who are you kidding?

    "You want it out, but you can't have it...".. errr, apologies, but, like, what, does that hit close? ;) That was not my intent, Fath no More is the only band I know to mix metal with rap / hiphop. Well, Beasty boys too but that's mostly rap. Though... I suppose... no sleep to Brooklynn.

  • ozon
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    @ShelLuser wrote:

    Faith no More is the only band I know to mix metal with rap / hiphop.

    Either you meant to say something diffor I have to ask: You’re serious? What about Linkin Park? Clawfinger? Rage Against The Machine? Limp Bizkit? Red Hot Chili Peppers?

    And then there’s a young German band called From Fall To Spring… singer raps like a champ, check them out!


  • ozon
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    @ShelLuser also wrote:

    Certified Gold is a favorite Expansion of mine and I use this mostly combined with Sunburst in metal'ish tracks.

    Sunburst? Do you mean Midnight Sunset?

    Would love to hear some of your music, any links?

    @Cretin Dilettante would also love to hear some of your music as well.

    Regarding the use of Maschine for different genres: It’s a „beatbox“ style pad controller with a touch strip and several control knobs which includes a sampler and a load of different synth engines for percussion, basses, leads and pads. If you can’t make your own music with that, try an ukulele.

    The soundtrack of Stranger Things could be done on Maschine, or the next album by The Young Gods.

    However, the Expansions could offer a wider variety of samples and sounds. We don’t need more 808s — especially since they’re so easy to synthesize with the provided engines.

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