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Hello everyone

Im new to this Music-World and bought me some Hardware to play with.

Long Story Short: Bought a used Mashine Studio with Software CD. Now the last owner transferred something but the Mashine Studio Software didnt transfer to my Account.

Im willing to buy a new Mashine Software License but i want to load the Libaries just like in any other Tutorial Video out there. Browsing Libarys isnt possible right now for any Reason i dont know.

I cant figure out how to load the Libaries or Browse them onto the Mashine Studio itself.

Does the New Mashine Software License will make my Mashine Studio work the like way all of these Tutorials show?

And no..none of those Manuals or Documents or Videos did help bc all they show is a perfectly running Mashine Studio and not how to get this thing running like it should with the Mashine Software.

Please Help a noob thats trying to get into this and is willing to buy more from NI. Kinda like it tho i have to say.

But the Mashine Software thing is a kind of a nogo right there to get into NI Mashines.

Please let me know if any of u can give me a way to start using the Mashine with Brosing the Libary on the Mashine itself.


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  • Blindeddie
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    The previous owner should have provided you a license transfer key and the serial number that you would use to register the Studio. Once that is done, you should be able to download any software that came bundled with the controller.

    what version of the Maschine software do you have installed? There is no correlation between registering the unit and functionality, meaning, even if you don’t register the controller, it should work fully… post some screenshots of the Software browser, pics of the controller in Browser mode or anything that shows the functionality “Not” working.

  • djadidai
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    1. Do you have Native Access installed, are you logged in? does Maschine 2 appear in the “installed” tab?
    2. can you launch maschine 2 software?
    3. does the studio have any lights turned on when it’s connected and software is launched?
    4. press A, click browse, select “groups” find one you like and double click it. A group should load to ban A, and you should be able to play the pads and get sound.
  • oelkanne
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    Good morning.

    wow what a fast response that was. Thank you both!

    @Blindeddie The controller itself seems to work but I just can't find a way to load anything onto the controller itself which is weird. Pics will be delivered.


    1.yes. installed and no for whatever reason. Maybe installation path? installed everything on "auto" didn't change directorys or something.


    3.the mashine will boot without any problems when connecting to a pc. it will be stuck though when the controller asks for the mashine software. Midi mode will let the mashine blink like christmas. right bottom to top left.

    4. sorry to ask back.. A? what A?

    Will provide some pictures!

    Thx in advance for helping me out

  • 999
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    you should download the manual ....

    have you raised a ticket with NI and register your device SN in your account . You should be able to download the drivers and some software to get it working.

    The buttons are A - H thats what he is telling you press

  • oelkanne
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    yep there's a support ticket and the seller did indeed transferred something but the mashine software won't show up.

    Drivers are loaded and a firmware update was done.

    the mashine is also without errors in the device manager of the computer connected to it.

  • oelkanne
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    Updating: Cant get the License Transfered for the Mashine.

    So how to get at least a software license to use the Studio?

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    Did you obtain a License Transfer code from the seller? If the license cannot be transferred, it is possible the hardware is EDU (educational) or NFR (not-for-resale) unit.

    Nevertheless, you can purchase Maschine Essentials software ( to get you started and perhaps upgrade to the Full Factory Library and optionally Komplete Select (

  • oelkanne
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    This would answer a lot of questions if this would be a NFR Unit.

    Awesome thanks for the Link. Will purchase a new mashine software license to finally complete the setup an can do a lot of things with it.

    This weekend gonna be very funny =)

    If this works as expected then I will reply of course too.

    So happy about thanks to all again =)

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