Help with discontinued Pro-53 always changing sample rate

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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help me figure out an issue I have with the discontinued Pro-53 plug in. I still love this synth and use it in stand alone mode for my live set.

I have recently started using an audio interface from ESI Audio, the U86 XT. My Pro 53 plug-in is always setting the interface’s sample rate to 96khz. No matter how many times I select 44.1khz, it automatically switches it back to 96; and not just that plug in, but also the settings in Audio/MIDI preferences (on a 2010 Mac running High Sierra) and Ableton Live 11. When I quit Pro53, then I can set everything back to 44khz where I want it. I tried to ignore it and just keep everything at 96, but ultimately my processor can’t handle it. 

Would anyone have any idea why this is happening? I realize I’m using an old unsupported plug in, and that seems to be the problem here, but is it it possible I could just eliminate the 96khz setting full stop? In fact, I only want to keep everything at 44, so there’s really no need for any other setting. 

I've been in touch with ESI who make the interface I'm using, and they're just as confused as to why this is happening as I am. I've never had this trouble with other interfaces I've used, and otherwise the interface works fine and sounds great.

Thanks all for any tips!



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