NativeWDM (yes, it is a standard video streaming driver)... but what is it used for within Native?

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NativeWDM it is a standard video streaming driver,

but what is it used for within Native?

I am not a avid user of Native Access, I am only there when I am forced to use it to install plug-ins.




  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,903 Pro theory is not really certain 100% (take a grain of salt), but I think that it is used for those banners and ads inside Native Access, as well as for forcing you to install these plugins.

    Again, that's just a theory...A PLUGIN THEORY (sorry, I had to put the joke, it became a meme I am obsessed with...)

    But still, it is a theory only.

  • PoorFellow
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    And what exactly is it that makes you think that the NativeWDM is something that has been installed and used by any Native Instruments program ? In which directory is the NativeWDM located ?

    If it is this Native WDM driver then it is a driver for obtaining input from a camera : Quote and ref : Native WDM Driver :

    When use this driver. the host application software can run the camera directly and control the camera directly. But the video streaming can be required only by this host application. It can not transfer to another applications.

    So IMO much more likely that it is a driver used by another brand and another product on your computer.

    Also , then 'at a glance' then I did not spot the driver at my computer !

  • Aurasic
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    ... thanks

    I am somewhere else at present, but I think it was within Native Access folder or possibly within the AppData area - not sure.

    It was just a curiosity as I do not see any need apart from 'their' needs.

  • PoorFellow
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    Quote : I do not see any need apart from 'their' needs.

    Completely agree and I understand your concern , that is why I tried to look into it , in fact I would look rather deeply into it if I found that in anything Native Access. but fact is that I tried looking for 'NativeWDM' more places on drives and didn't find it on my drives so far not in AppData either.

    Also , just now, while writing this for you , then wanting to get to the bottom of this once and for all, then I took the time to not just look for 'NativeWDM' , instead I looked for anything 'WDM' on my whole (Windows 10) system drive ! Out of 118 occurrences of WDM on drive then NONE contained any 'Native' reference. Further more then most of them were WDMA (audio references) , a few were WDMVSC and a few something else. Out of all of that then nothing stood out and were found in Windows areas where you would expect them to be found , apart from the most of the few 'something else' which were also found where one could expect (namely inside different programming environments)..

    So , I still think that you ought/need to examine your own system better !

  • Aurasic
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    Thanks for taking the time.

    Time... once again for a clean up.

    Getting all the not needed 💩💩💩 off my computers.

    I am actually kind of fed-up with NA2, every time there is an update, I get problems installing.

    I am surprised I cannot install any more on a Windows 10 22H2 PC that did not have any problems with it, but the usual 'NTK to re-install and fix the 'usual'

    Not this time, pfff

    Tried all the obvious as ell - no further help from NI, as they keep giving a not useful answer and close tickets!

    Fed-up with N.I. - that is why I stopped buying anything that needs it...

    I do not have time to waste fixing THEIR problems.

  • Aurasic
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    It also seems NI is slowly becoming like Wondershare - invading your computer!

  • PoorFellow
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    As a user using Windows 10 64 Bit I had problems with installing version 2 of Native Access (when it were really version 2 , now it's 3.xx) and could only run the 'original' version 1. But after Hayo managed to get finally get Native Access 3 to install properly then I have not had any Native Access install problems other than the having to manually download and install on top of old version ! So I have to say that things has been running quite nice at my computer for quite some time now. And as I have written elsewhere some time back then my computer is used for multiple purposes so it's filled with literally hundreds of games , music software, video and image processing software and programming environments. So it's not like there is not a lot of software everywhere here !

    As for 'Wondershare' then it's relatively long time since I have installed any of their offerings , only thing I have now is 'Dr.Fone' which I have never used since install and can not recommend either.

    But maybe you really need/ought to clean your computer ? Problem with some types of problems/cleaning needs is that it's better to reinstall Windows and ones software , but on the other hand then with all the 'authorization' need there are these days then all the de-authorize and forgetting of same when re-installing can be a major pain as can all the having to install everything all over again. That is also one more reason why I am always recommend people to use backups and always save more backups to be able to revert to a previous system state !

  • Aurasic
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    Thanks for all the info.

    Certainly I will buy new 'applications' that do not need NA 1-2-3... I am tired to waste so much of my little time available to the very same NA stubbornness.

    Any other Windows problem that comes up from time to time never stop me using an application, NA does just that!

    My computer is kept clean as default, do not use games any more, etc. and it is well protected.

    (yes, I did shutdown all protection when installing, even though I did nit really need to do that - I checked logs - no blocking)

    I am certainly not going to do a re-install, I will try until I get NA to work - once in a while.

    I never tried to install in safe mode, but it may not work if it needs shutdown services!



  • Aurasic
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    Sorry for having been off topic, but it is all part of the same pot - I guess!

    I hope you all having a nice Christmas and if you are not bothered about, that is fine too - I am not exactly that keen too.

    I seem to have solved it, 'in parts' thanks to NI support.


    Deleted Registry entry and AppData entry too and finally started to work


    Installed latest NTKDaemon given by NI - 1.15.1v

    That is it

    I also noticed it loads much faster now.

    Happy Christmas everybody

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