Problem with drivers and streaming [Traktor3pro+S2 MK3+Behringer UMC404HD + turntable]

Hi, all

i broke my dj mixer and decide to try a controller for the first time but i would like to continue use my audio interface and not the S2 one (i consider my audio interface has superior sound fidelity)

On the room sound and cue is always fine (i monitor with headphones connected to the audio interface) with whatever driver i choose (Behringer UMC WASAPI exclusive/shared or UMC ASIO)

Problem is when i add OBS to the setup. OBS meter will only go up if i choose UMC WASAPI SHARED mode on traktor settings but latency is not the best and theres some random audio skipping.

If i choose WASAPI EXCLUSIVE mode, it won't pick up

and If i choose UMC ASIO on traktor + the ASIO plugin for OBS, it only pickups my turntable on inputs 1-2 of the audio interface.

NOTE: on wasapi shared and wasapi exclusive i'm not able to set input routing for the turntable (shows as DISABLED inputs)

i've never used a controller before and have mixed feelings about it. i still miss my mixer lol.

English is not my native languaje and im not using any translation services. Thank you for your patience

Thanks in advance,



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