Komplete Kontrol Does Not Recognize Maschine Studio

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I have three NI devices:

  1. Maschine Studio
  2. Komplete S88 Mk 1
  3. Komplete S61 Mk 2

Both keyboards function as expected when working with all software that should work with a MIDI controller.

Maschine Studio is the problem child.

I have gone through all of this and all drivers and processes are there and functioning as they should. My Native Instruments Hardware Device is Not Recognized – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com). The serial number of the device is registered in my NI account.

This is a very new computer - less than a month old. It is the latest Dell XPS-15 with the top spec i9 processor.

MS (Maschine Studio) works as it should in the Maschine software. It lights up like a Christmas tree and works with all of the demo projects as well as anything that I create in Maschine.

MS also shows up and behaves as it should in NI Controller Editor. I can load templates such as Ableton 11 into the device via Controller Editor and changes in the device are reflected in Controller editor and changes in Controller Editor are reflected in the MS device.

When I open Komplete Kontrol or Kontakt, my two keyboards are immediately recognized and function as they should.

In Ableton 11 Standard and Suite, in Options/Link Tempo Midi, Maschine Studio shows up in the Midi section and I can configure the Control Surface, Input and Output settings. MS also shows up in the MIDI ports section. The boxes for the control templates show up in the Session View. I have set up Ableton Templates vis Controller Editor for both Standard and Suite.

Even though Ableton is aware of the MS, it does not function with Ableton. Regardless of what plugins I load: Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt, Komplete Kontrol with Kontakt, Kontakt by itself or anything else, MS never lights up. It remains on the splash screen. I can, however, get to the MIDI configuration with Shift+Channel, but that's all I can do.

In summary:

  • All of the latest drivers and services are installed, up to date and running
  • My two S Series keyboards work fine in all circumstances
  • MS works perfectly and only with Maschine 2 and Controller Editor
  • MS is not recognized by either KK, Kontakt
  • MS is sort of recognized by Ableton, but the device never lights up

Does anyone have any ideas?


  • Somnonaut
    Somnonaut Member Posts: 3 Member

    I submitted this to NI tech support. The response was that Maschine Studio works only with Maschine software.

    Sadly, it's time to put my Maschine Studio up for sale.

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