Windows 11 (22H2) + Traktor Pro 3.7 + Beatport LINK -> No Go.

I'm a newcomer to the Traktor platform. Using Windows 11 (22H2) and being a Beatport LINK subscriber, I though that I would have no problems with Traktor since streaming from Beatport works perfectly with other apps (rekorbox, i.e.). That was not the case with version 3.6 and I stopped using it for sometime waiting for a solution for this bug.

I've been unable to use Traktor with Beatport given the fact that the audio sounds distorted and crackling, specially with louder transients like kickdrums. I hoped that the 3.7 update would correct this but the problem still persists.

After some google search the only solution I've found for people with the same problem is reverting to Windows 10... which is a no go for me. I don't want to go to backwards just for one app when all my audio software is working great with my present configuration.

Will Native Instruments recognize this problem?

When will this bug be corrected?


  • DJ-Andre
    DJ-Andre Member Posts: 67 Helper

    Can you try the latest 3.7.1? It has been released through Native Access today.

  • MrBig1964
    MrBig1964 Member Posts: 12 Member

    I’ll do it and report if the problem is solved.


  • MrBig1964
    MrBig1964 Member Posts: 12 Member

    Installed 3.7.1 as recommended.

    Still having the same issues... Unusable.

  • Niiqo
    Niiqo Member Posts: 10 Member

    Some info here :

    And here :

    But no solution for the moment, it seems been windows 22h2 update, i reverted back to 11 21h2 and no more issues.

  • DJ-Andre
    DJ-Andre Member Posts: 67 Helper

    Sorry to hear.. Hope it will be fixed in a future update.

  • Ulli
    Ulli Member Posts: 26 Member

    I also have problems with Win 22H2 and Traktor pro 3. 

    How did you reset to Win 21H2?

    I have long exceeded the deadline of 10 days.

    Can you help me with the solution and explain step by step how I can reset to Win 21H2?

    Thank you!

  • Niiqo
    Niiqo Member Posts: 10 Member

    The only way i know if you exceeded the 10 days is to format your pc, and lost all your data.

  • djparted
    djparted Member Posts: 19 Member

    Still an issue. It sounds like this is something Microsoft will need to fix.

    Would be ideal if NI could fix this.

  • MrBig1964
    MrBig1964 Member Posts: 12 Member

    Yes, still unusable for me. Although I think that's a NI thing they must correct since I don't have any problem using Rekordbox with Beatport online streaming in the same computer. I also tried Juced and also works flawessly.

  • Mat_Lock_DJ
    Mat_Lock_DJ Member Posts: 7 Member

    I used to have this issue with Windows 11 also, on my old PC. When I went back to Windows 10 it worked flawlessly.

    I now however have a Intel 12th gen CPU laptop and I can't go back to Windows 10 even if I wanted to. So that leaves me with a big issue. Thankfully I cancelled the LINK sub for the moment until Traktor fix this issue.

    Sadly I am still with issues with latest Traktor and my laptop where I get glitches, cpu spikes it feels like, and only in Traktor. I will log a new ticket for this issue though.

    Traktor Devs are really quite terrible right now I'd say, not addressing MAJOR issues

  • cymatic
    cymatic Member Posts: 2 Member

    I have the same issue using both Beatport and Beatsource intro tier. None of my local audio files have this problem. Even the NI stem files I've created play just fine. Unusable. I'm going to cancel Beatport and let them know the reason if they ask.

  • MrBig1964
    MrBig1964 Member Posts: 12 Member

    I'm testing Traktor Beta 3.8.

    It seams that it resolves the problem. I'm having no issues now with this. It was clearly a Traktor problem, eventually caused by changes on Windows system, but it seams to be solved in the latest beta.

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