Sync platter position on instant doubles and needle drop to absolute position

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Basically Serato's "Sticker Lock"

It is near impossible (and certainly not fun or intuitive) to beat juggle over the course of a set with relative mode in Traktor.

As a turntablist who watches the stickers on the records for juggles (as you should), if I want to juggle I have to load both songs in absolute mode and match the position, otherwise the sticker position goes out of sync between the two decks. If I've mixed into a track while it was in relative mode I can't juggle it

When I duplicate a track, I want the duplicated track to load as close as it can to the cloned track's play position while maintaining the correct platter position indicator orientation

Serato has options for "Spin Nearest" "Spin Forwards" and "Spin Backwards" which determines the closest play position to seek to

This feature is an absolute game changer for chopped and screwed style sets

Adding this and the ability to move to absolute position on needle drop in relative mode gives you the skip protection and lightning fast cueing of relative mode while maintaining the ability to tonearm seek and actually watch your hands and the records while you're juggling (faster and more intuitive than watching the screen--and more interesting for a crowd)

These to features had an overwhelmingly positive response from the Serato community

I've been on Traktor since 2.6... but I use Serato for rap/hip-hop sets

To me, this feature missing in Traktor is on par with Serato not being able to analyze tunes without unplugging the unit. It's such a crucial feature to live without

I'd be happy to provide a demonstration, help with development story mapping, sign an NDA and code the thing....


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    Nice suggestion!

    I tried previously to suggest a lockgroove button, which I think be another good beat juggling addition. But coupled with this would be amazing for live turntablism in sets

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