Using MK3 Encoders in Ableton Live 11

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Hey guys,

I use maschine 2 vst version inside of live 11. The NI live template does work. I also use the unoffical script 1.6.0 from gumroad which is great, but the mk3 encoders are not working at all. I reached out to NI support and they send me a script where I can use the encoders to control abletons effects (blue hand mode), but thats it, I can`t even hit play or use the pads then.

I tried the controller editor but couldn`t get the encoders to work in the unoffical script or writing my own preset which does fully work in live. I also couldn`t make an remote script as I did whith my komplete kontrol mk1 to control lives "blue hand mode" . The main reason seems to be that in the case of the mk3 I don`t have a DAW 1 and another Channel except of extern to use midi scripts.

In case of my komplete kontrol the offical NI template is using Komplete Kontrol DAW 1, while the script I changed is using Komplete Kontrol 1. This way the komplete kontrol mk1 keyboard does change when I select different channels in ableton.

Is there any way to achieve this with the mk3, so it changes automatically or at least I don`t

have to change from the unoffical script to the macro only from NI in lives prefs to use the encoders?

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