How do I transfer my library/collection from Traktor 3.5.3 to 3.7.0?

So I had many many many issues with all the 3.6 incarnations, so had been using 3.5.3 for the past few months. I lost all my playlists, but have been building them back up and don't want to lose them again when moving to an updated version.

I know there is likely a simple solution, but every time I try to start Traktor it tries to rebuild the collection from scratch.

I'm running on an Apple M1 Pro Macbook. Can give any other info needed.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.



  • MaikR
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    I don't know how you performed the update, but when you install a new version (on Mac) it asks if you want to import the previous collection. I simply answer that with a 'yes'.

    Then the second question is if you want to install to the default location. That one I answer with 'no', so I can choose a new location.

    I have a root directory for my Traktor installation with separate version folders inside that rot folder; v300, v353, v360, etc. When installing a new update I simply create a new sub directory with the new version number and select it as the custom path.

    After the installation all preferences are set correctly: root is 'version folder' including the collection data.

    Besides that I'm using separate folders for tracks, samples, recordings, etc. that live outside the 'version folder' so these don't get replicated every time I update.

    Is this what you mean or didn't I understand your question?

    Kind regards,


  • TheKidJayT
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    So when I installed the update to 3.6.1 (missed the 3.6.0) it immediately tried to rebuild my collection from scratch despite usually asking if I want to import the previous collection. There were multiple library errors when running 3.6.1 (such as duplicate tracks that would disappear when loaded onto a deck, but then would reappear on a relaunch) so I had went to using 3.5.3 as it was the last fully stable traktor build I'd had installed.

    Now if I try to load the latest traktor, it tries to import the collection from 3.6.1/3.6.2 as it was technically the previous version, even though it wasn't the collection I have been using most recently.

    This is the simplest I can explain it so I'm sorry if it still makes no sense.

  • Kubrak
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    Traktor stores a backup of Collection on each application termination. So, one has history of backups and may "roll back" as much as needed.

    It has happened to me quite recently, that loaded Collection was missing many playlists, or playlists were not complete, or empty... Importing one of older backup versions was easy and "saved" me....

    It is rather easy. One selects to ImportCollection, navigates Traktor to folder and file with Collection backup and waits.

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