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Traktor Pro 3 deck A no sound or can’t play

I have recently upgraded from TP2 and s2mk2 to TP3 and s4 mk3.

With old Traktor software I haven’t had any issues… It is happening to me that mid-party when I switch from deck B to deck A…I realize that there is not sound from A deck, but there is signal in program showing but you can’t hear anything, but can control deck. But it also happened to me that I press play on controller, and deck A can’t even be played, even thad the play button in program and controller getting green…. This two problems always happen on deck A…I restart the program and everything work again. I use Win 10, HP Elitebook g3 with i7-6600u and 16gb RAM. Please give me answers, because this is BIG PROBLEM.



  • Ryan_NI
    Ryan_NI Customer Care Posts: 191 mod

    hey @lukalalovic - thanks for reaching out. this sounds like a complicated issue! I've submitted a support request for the issue so we can take a closer look. You'll soon receive an email for the request.

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