Traktor Pro 3 deck A no sound or can’t play

I have recently upgraded from TP2 and s2mk2 to TP3 and s4 mk3.

With old Traktor software I haven’t had any issues… It is happening to me that mid-party when I switch from deck B to deck A…I realize that there is not sound from A deck, but there is signal in program showing but you can’t hear anything, but can control deck. But it also happened to me that I press play on controller, and deck A can’t even be played, even thad the play button in program and controller getting green…. This two problems always happen on deck A…I restart the program and everything work again. I use Win 10, HP Elitebook g3 with i7-6600u and 16gb RAM. Please give me answers, because this is BIG PROBLEM.



  • Ryan_NI
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    hey @lukalalovic - thanks for reaching out. this sounds like a complicated issue! I've submitted a support request for the issue so we can take a closer look. You'll soon receive an email for the request.

  • Pawel
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    Are you sure you dont have a cross fader opened to the right ?

    GIUSEPPEBRE Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hello, I had the same problem with Traktor3 on the deck A. Any solucion??

    Please answer soon!!

  • Essy
    Essy Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I have the same problem as above A and B deck not working

    it is pain when u are in party

    please respond as soon as you can

  • Vladyk _Dj
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    With old Traktor software I haven’t had any issues? So this problem lies in the Traktor pro 3 program itself? And in Traktor pro 2 such a problem was not observed ? But first at home repeat this problem in the Traktor Pro 3 program without a connected controller, switch from deck A to deck B with a computer mouse, will the sound on the laptop not disappear at this time, connect computer speakers to the laptop, if all is well then the problem is not the program Traktor pro 3 itself. Then repeat all this with the connected controller, but you already connect the speakers to the controller, and the controller to the laptop via a USB cable, if the sound disappears when you switch from deck A to deck B, then the problem lies in the interaction of the  program traktor Pro 3 + controller , but it can be problems with the controller drivers, they conflict with something.

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