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I'm currently on an unstable internet connection(with a mobile hotspot 4G where signal strength varies) and I won't blame it all on NA but can somebody please tell me why doesn't a download automatically resume when even my connection gets restored back or once the speed increases back?

This causes the files/libraries never to complete if I go to sleep or deal with other things when I'm away from my computer.

The problem and my observation is when there's a healthy connection, it downloads but once the connection is interrupted it stops downloading with a "download failed" message and I have to press the button similar to a "refresh" icon for it to resume and then it picks it up from where it left until stopping again once the connection is gone.

Why doesn't it auto-resume/auto-try immediately once the connection is back? I can download other things or browse the web once my connection gets restored while NA still sits there with an error message waiting for me to trigger it again and again.

This is very time consuming with fast yet unstable connections and drives me nuts as I cannot take advantage of leaving my computer idle and have to keep an eye on download progress every once and then.

I have disabled my firewall(even so there are rules set specific to NA to allow it through), disabled anti-virus, running NA in administrator mode etc etc...

I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

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EDIT : Sometimes the error says "waiting for connection" but either way I have to manually resume it.

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    As I changed to win 10 pro this summer the dipl. ing. said to me: Please go away from mobile LTE data card and change to wifi. On win 10 it isn't enough.

    So I do and have a stable inet connection with Native Access 3.

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    This was a temporary issue with Native Access, more info to be found here: A note about Native Access downtime (21.11.2022)

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    this is still an issue in 3.8.0.

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