Browser to show all tracks from all playlists inside a playlist folder

Sami de Sousa
Sami de Sousa Member Posts: 3 Member

Currently, if you have a playlist folder set as a shortcut nothing is listed until you select a playlist category in the tree. It would be really nice if the browser would list all the tracks from all the playlists inside a playlist folder, and then you could narrow down the list by selecting a specific category.

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  • Thales de Paula
    Thales de Paula Member Posts: 75 Helper

    I'm going to take advantage of your post to request a feature because we can't find a playlist.

    It's serious, funny and tragic.

    Because in the search you search for everything, except a playlist.

    I tried to search for a hiphop midi 90's and no possibility of searching by playlist name.

    Can you leave a vote for Native to know it's important to us?

  • Maximizer
    Maximizer Member Posts: 13 Member

    Crates is detected

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