Do newer Komplete Audio interfaces work fine with PreSonus Studio One?

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I use PreSonus Studio One on Windows 10 (64-bit) with Komplete Audio 6 MK1 and I'm experiencing a problem.

When I change a song's sample rate from 44.1/48 to 88.2/96 kHz (vice versa), Studio One software crashes.

It happens when I use Komplete Audio 6 MK1 as its audio device, and it doesn't occur when NI Maschine embedded audio interface is used.

I have already reported this problem to PreSonus support team.

I'd like to ask the question on the title, if anyone here uses Studio One with Komplete Audio 1, 2, or 6 MK2.

Thank you.


  • Uwe303
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    the komplete audio 6 mk2 should work, have you tried to reset the settings in control panel, and played a bit with buffer size, increase it in the control panel before changing the song to another sample frequency. All sample frequencies you mentioned are supported.

  • Emishiboy
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    Hi Uwe, thank you for answering!

    Changing buffer size didn't help.

    Also, when I change the sample rate in the control panel, Studio One shows me this error dialog.

    If I click the Retry button, Komlete Audio 6 will be set again, with the sample rate before I changed.

    I'm glad to hear that MK2 works well with Studio One, while MK1 (at least my one on my computer) has problems even with the latest driver.

    Then, I'm going to get one of them newer devices.

  • Emishiboy
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    PreSonus technical support has replied that it isn't their fault and it's coming from the audio device.

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    Studio One is a bit finicky when the audio driver's sample and bit rate differ to the sample and bit rate of the default system recording device. Make sure those are set the same.

    Although I'm not sure if this is the root of this problem.

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    It is "normal", that all the companies point the finger to each other. I think if the interface works fine with other programs it's a S1 issue, you can find tons of articles about the "could not be initialized" thing. I can't guarantee that the mk2 will work, as I said the mk1 should have worked too. And have you tried to reset the interface?

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    It's also worth checking that all your applications and Windows sound settings are all set to the same sample frequency.

  • Emishiboy
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    Thank you, everyone. I'm going to explain how I tried and recreated the problem.

    First, I reinstalled the latest device driver. (Version 4.2.0, Firmware 50)

    Then, I opened Windows 10's sound conrol panel and made sure that Main Output & Input 1/2 had been set as default.

    And then, I disabled the all devices except Komplete Audio.

    Also I've set their default format as "2 channels, 24 bit, 96000 Hz (Studio Quality)".

    Then, I opened KA6 control panel and set the sample rate 96000.

    After that I launched Studio One 6 Professional, confirmed that its audio device configuration is synced with Komplete Audio 6 Control Panel, so it says 96.0 kHz.

    I created a new Song with this setting: 96.0 kHz & 24 Bit.

    After the brand new empty Song was opened, I clicked the sample rate on the bottom bar, then Song Setup window showed up.

    When I change the Sample Rate from 96.0 kHz to 48.0 kHz and apply the change, the mouse cursor becomes hourglass, and Studio One crashes like 3 seconds later.

    After the software crashed, I see the sample rate in the KA6 control panel is 48000 Hz, the value I set on the Song Setup window.

    The same problem (crashing) happens in the oppsite case (48k to 96k), with any bitrate or any buffer size.

    Am I missing something?

    The point is not only that I cannot change it while I'm editing a song, but also I cannot even open a song without knowing the sample rate which was selected when the song was created.

    (Sorry, I should complain about it to S1 team, not here.)

    Thank you again for helping me.

  • Emishiboy
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    Yeah, I think the DAW should have handled errors and prevented crashing even if the device has some problem, to be honest.

    I want to hope MK2 will hope because Maschine MK3 works, but thank you for telling it's not sure.

  • Emishiboy
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    I want to hope MK2 will hope because Maschine MK3 works, but thank you for telling it's not sure.

    * I want to hope MK2 will work

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