Kontrol S2 MK3 Effects to Sample Pads Mapping

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Hello I recently got me the S2 MK3 to match Traktor 3 Pro software.

I now have the following in mind:

Since I wouldn't really use samples, I would want to put effects on the sample pads.

So (when sample mode is activated) the effect should be activated by pressing the pad and deactivated again when you release it.

However, I do NOT just want to activate a preset effect or snapshot with it, but the effect should be adapted as much as possible to the track

(alternatively, I could also control the die manually with the effect controller of the respective channel)

The pads are supposed to work like the effect pads on the DDJ-800.

and one more question: if the mapping is set as above: can I deactivate the 2nd and 3rd deck in the tractor? Or does it have to be activated in order to select the sampling mode

I hope someone knows what I'm up to and can help me.

That would be very cool



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    Hey there,

    Please note that our community is in English only, as mentioned in our code of conduct sticked on top of the page where you create a new discussion.

    Feel free to use a translator so everyone can participate.

    Thank you.

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    The following video should help you figure it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR3v2bOgLb8&t=9s&ab_channel=ChristopherLim

  • Hitman47
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    thank you

    Everything a little bit complicated. this can be easier. Maybe someone still had a finished and working Mapping... this would be nice

    Everything should be untouched. just the samplepad bank is a FX bank.

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