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Smart Auto-Play

SeulStizz Member Posts: 22 Member

Skips different versions of the songs. So, if I had a playlist that had WAP (Intro Clean), WAP (Quick Hit Clean), and WAP (***** is a WAP), it'd only play one version then skip to the next song with a different different main title.

This would probably have to mark all the versions played but I'd be fine with that. If we wanted to avoid marking all version skipped, as played, we could have a separate kind of played called "auto-played" and it somehow marks the alternate versions differently or invisibly.

Again, for anyone who hates auto-play, I hear ya, but also I'm not gonna not use it. Besides, If I'm running around during dinner with a planner or bride or groom at the wedding trying to figure out some sort of "emergency," I just don't think it's logical to run back to mix songs out of pride. Heck, even if I wanna take the only chill time I have during the day to sit away from everyone and enjoy the mountains... I'mma do it! haha I also work at strip clubs so the fact that I mix 80% of the time (100% if it's poppin) at this one club is seen as an overachiever hahahah

Thanks in advance.


SeulStizz (said like solstice)

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