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So, if we're on auto-play and we've come to the last song in the playlist, the first song is loaded. That's great. What I'd like to happen is when you've come to the end of a playlist, and there's an un-played song already in it or added to it, that un-played song is automatically added in to the other deck to be played next. Even if the transition is already happening.

If I've got a dinner or cocktail playlist going at a wedding and I hear the last song going for some reason, I'd like to be able to just be in "find matching songs mode." If I find a song, load it in to the other deck to be played next, it starts playing from wherever that song was loaded from (like "Track Collection").

For anyone who hates auto-play, I hear ya, but also I'm not gonna not use it. Besides, If i'm running around during dinner with a planner or bride or groom at the wedding trying to figure out some sort of "emergency," I just don't think it's logical to run back to mix songs out of pride. Heck, even if I wanna take the only chill time I have during the day to sit away from everyone and enjoy the mountains... I'mma do it! haha I also work at strip clubs so the fact that I mix 80% of the time at this one club is seen as an overachiever hahahah

Thanks in advance.


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