[v1.6.0] MASCHINE PLUS/MK3/MIKRO MK3 Ableton Live 11 MIDI Remote Script

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MASCHINE PLUS, MK3 & MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 total integration with Ableton Live 11+ (Windows & Mac OS)


This Control Surface/MIDI Remote Script, providing total integration for Ableton Live 11, was exclusively built for MASCHINE MIKRO MK3, back in March 2021, but compatibility and same functionalities are now available and ready to use for MASCHINE PLUS & MASCHINE MK3, without support for the screens, 8x Encoders, 8x square buttons above the screens and other buttons not available on MASCHINE MIKRO MK3.

Several updates have been released since the first initial release and the continued development for this script will provide more future updates for new functionalities, fixes and improvements.

A brief overview of the main modes and their functionalities:

  1. CLIP mode
    • Launch Clip. Pad color will match with Live's Clip color.
    • Create Clip and Record
    • Duplicate Clip
    • Double Clip content and length
    • Delete Clip
  2. SCENE mode
    • Launch Scene. Pad color will match with Live's Scene color.
    • Duplicate Scene
    • Delete Scene
  3. TRACK mode
    • Select Track, Return Track or Master Track. Pad color will match with Live's Track color or white if muted or muted via solo.
    • Create New MIDI or Audio Track
    • Duplicate Track
    • Delete Track
    • Arm/Solo/Mute Track
  4. METERING mode
    • Visual feedback on pads for playback volume levels of up to 4x tracks, scrollable left/right to show more tracks' volume levels (4-columns visualization). 4x pads color (1 column) will match with Live's Track color.
  5. DRUM mode
    • Trigger up to 16x Drum Rack pads/chains, scrollable up/down for more pads/chains. Pad color will match with Live's Drum Rack pad/chain color or white if muted or muted via solo. Pad color will not match with Live's pad/chain color if Auto-Coloring is enabled.
    • Auto-coloring for pads depending on pad/chain name, i.e.: "Kick" is colored in red (toggleable)
    • Solo/Mute drum pads/chains
    • Note Repeat
  6. KEYBOARD mode
    • Note triggering for MIDI Track. Pad color will match with Live's selected Clip color or selected Track color if no clip is selected, brighter color for root-note pads.
    • Live 11's per-clip Scales and Root Note integration. Per-clip scale and/or root note changes from the hardware will reflect to Live, and vice-versa.
    • Scale, Root Note, Octave up/down change from the hardware
    • Note Repeat
  7. SHIFT mode
    • Undo/Redo
    • Quantize/Quantize 50% with selected Clip's grid quantization
    • Nudge left/right selected or all notes
    • Clear selected or all notes
    • Clear selected Clip's Envelopes
    • Copy selected or all notes
    • Paste copied notes
    • Transpose up/down selected or all notes, keeping note in scale if Scale is enabled
    • Octave up/down selected or all notes
  8. EVENTS mode
    • Similar visualization as KEYBOARD mode, to select notes of selected MIDI Clip
  9. STOP mode
    • Similar visualization as TRACK mode, to stop playing clip of multiple Tracks without stopping playback
    • Stop clip for all the tracks without stopping playback
  10. SOLO mode
    • Similar visualization as TRACK mode, to solo multiple Tracks
  11. MUTE mode
    • Similar visualization as TRACK mode, to mute multiple Tracks

Other important functionalities include:

  1. Transport control
    • Play and Restart-Play
    • Session and Arrangement Record
    • Stop Playback
  2. Note Repeat
    • Touch-strip for rate change, default 1/16
    • Auto-enable when touch-strip is touched
    • "Pinned"-enable note repeat
  3. Selected Track
    • Change Volume with +/-1.0dB increments
    • Arm/Solo/Mute
    • Duplicate. If a clip is selected/focused, it will duplicate the clip, instead.
  4. Miscellaneous
    • Capture MIDI
    • Toggle Automation arm
    • Toggle Metronome
    • Tap Tempo
    • Change Tempo with +/-1.0 increments
    • Change Swing amount of groove
    • Show/Hide Live's Browser panel
    • Toggle between Session or Arrangement View
    • Toggle between Device or Clip Detail View

Installation, Usage, Changelog:

Please read Installation.pdf, User Manual pdf files and Changelog.pdf published at this forum thread, Interactive user manual can also be opened from the link below:


Changelog will always be up-to-date on this forum threads' 3rd post


This script is not for free, the development of this script continues for future updates, new features, improvements, support and bug fixes.

It is highly recommended to always use the latest version of this script.

The script requires the hardware to be on "MIDI Mode" (SHIFT + MASCHINE ICON button-press combination).

RESTART button is used for "SHIFT" operations, as we currently cannot assign any MIDI CC values for the physical SHIFT button.


You can purchase the script via Gumroad (using PayPal or other payment methods Gumroad offers for your country), from the following link or link-preview card:


Feature requests, bug reports and other issues, please reply on this thread or contact me via email at: [email protected]

Special Thanks:

To Sk8zOfficialMusic for featuring this script and publishing it on YouTube!



  • Elton Memishaj
    Elton Memishaj Member Posts: 119 Helper

    Reserved #1

  • Elton Memishaj
    Elton Memishaj Member Posts: 119 Helper
    edited February 2022


  • Senst
    Senst Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Happy to see this update. I've been waiting for this update for almost a year now :D

  • DeepThumb
    DeepThumb Member Posts: 152 Advisor
    edited January 2022

    Hello Elton,

    Update was smooth. Thanks to your fast second mail I re-downloaded 1.5.0 and could immediately find it in Live 11's settings.

  • usachoff
    usachoff Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    How get it? And install

  • Elton Memishaj
    Elton Memishaj Member Posts: 119 Helper

    Soon I will build this new thread with all the information needed.

    You can purchase this script from this link: https://gum.co/mmmk3-live-11-script

    The installation guide is found under INSTALLATION.md file, which is included in the zip when downloading the v1.5.0 script after the successful purchase. You can open this INSTALLATION.md file with notepad or a Markdown file viewer for better visibility of the guide.

    I will also make video tutorials and user manual for a smoother experience :)

    Thank you,


  • kenta
    kenta Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    thank you! bought

    It didn't work

    I'm looking forward to a manual and a video !

  • Elton Memishaj
    Elton Memishaj Member Posts: 119 Helper
    edited January 2022


    Could you, please, elaborate into resolving this issue together?

    Please make sure to follow the installation guide by opening the INSTALLATION.md file with Notepad, Word or, preferably, a Markdown viewer.

    Unfortunately, the user manual for using the script and tutorial videos are still in development, to be available soon.

    Let me know more about this issue, please.

    Thank you in advance,


  • Elton Memishaj
    Elton Memishaj Member Posts: 119 Helper

    Hello everyone,

    I just finished with creating the first post (previously as draft) for this thread, please check it out :)

    Soon the changelog post and other information will be published, as well.



  • Elton Memishaj
    Elton Memishaj Member Posts: 119 Helper

    Hello everyone,

    Ableton Live v11.1 has been released, this means that the EVENTS + PAD 1-16 functionality of this script will select all notes of the corresponding pad for v11.1+ versions of Live. For versions of Live prior v11.1, it will always select all the notes, regardless of the pressed pad number, due to the Live's API limitations.

    Regarding to user manual and video tutorials, it is still under development. The User Manual will be released first, then the video tutorials will come shortly after.

    Stay tuned for upcoming updates and news,


  • Pilapsio
    Pilapsio Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Hello people! The script works fine and I think I have to get use to it but I have a situation a just cant resolve. the thing is that i cant press black note on keyboard mode when a scale isnot selected on ableton. when I select a scale of ableton keyboard, everything is cool and the maschine keyboard gets set on the particular scale. but when I dont select any scale and i suppose to press every key of the piola roll, the maschine controller only allows to press white notes on the piano roll. is this wrong?

  • Elton Memishaj
    Elton Memishaj Member Posts: 119 Helper


    If you disable Scale from Live, it just disables the scale fold or highlights in the clip view/piano roll, but you have to switch to Chromatic scale in the dropdown of Live's Clip View, or via the controller while being on KEYBOAD mode, hold SHIFT (Restart button) and rotate the JOG WHEEL to the very left, until you switch to Chromatic scale (scale off). You will notice that Pad 1 and Pad 13 will be light brighter (root notes) to represent the Chromatic scale (all the notes).

    Please let me know if you have further issues,


  • Cool Dre
    Cool Dre Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hello Elton, before I purchase the script, I need to know if there is script compatible with Mac.

    Thank you

  • Elton Memishaj
    Elton Memishaj Member Posts: 119 Helper


    Yes, the script is compatible with Mac OS. I use Windows 10 & 11, haven't test it with Mac OS, but I have received good feedback that it works as expected on Mac OS, as well.

    If you have any issues, please let me know, I can provide full refund if things don't work for you :)

    Thank you,


  • Elton Memishaj
    Elton Memishaj Member Posts: 119 Helper

    Hello everyone,

    The user manual development is almost near finish, it took a long time as the user manual is going to be interactive/web-based, also will be available as PDF format.

    Video tutorials and tips will be published soon, as well.

    Script development for v1.6.0 continues, as there are a lot of important features missing, such as Fixed Velocity, Chords, Step mode, etc.

    Stay tuned for upcoming updates, please let me know about your suggestions, feature requests or issues.



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