Mobile version of Traktor Pro 3

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Carry your library anywhere

Access your latest Traktor library via your smartphone. Manual sync feature via Wi-Fi means your library stays up to date with tracks and metadata such as playlists, cue points, and grid information.

But I think that Traktor Pro 3 has to change to a universal app first just like Traktor DJ 2 was.

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  • Demus
    Demus Member Posts: 150 Pro

    Rekordbox for iOS/Android full performance mode (coming early next year) according to the release of new budget DDJ-FLX4. Plus, they already had the music management version for iPhone and android phone or tablet, that I was requesting for Traktor Pro 3.

  • alec.tron
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    This existed.

    It was Traktor DJ, from 2012 til 2018 or so (-> [replace /de/ with your apple region...]).

    A good idea, especially at the times, but unfortunately only half baked/-thought through and never fully fleshed out...

    Then came Traktor DJ 2, and this was meant to be the update, unfortunately it was missing a lot of features the first version was loved for - also, TDJ2 was then meant to be (on ca 2018/9 when it was released...) the universal future platform for Traktor Pro. Alas, Traktor Pro 3 is now developed further with the olde codebase (whichj was deemed unmaintanable at the times), yet now Traktor DJ 2 hasn't seen an update or news for a good 1-2 years iirc. So in my eyes this is dead. And all hopes now lie on Traktor Pro 3, and the subscription system.

    So, as often, Traktor had it before the competition, then delivered a half baked product with limited updates/vision, and squandered it in the end.

    Or so the history as is iirc.

    So I doubt there will be another universal / on the go solution anytime soon.

    Happy to be proven wrong, but not holding my breath...


  • Wyley
    Wyley Member Posts: 239 Pro

    Laptops are so retro now 😉

    Where’s Ritchie Hawten when you need him? lol

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 472 Pro

    Maybe NI decided to do that same jump for Traktor 4 being that Apple Silicon Universal platform. This time seems the efforts being from x86 into M1 since the old Universal from iPad didn’t get the needed warp speed. Serato (and probably Vdj) seem doing the same so best ask Apple to merge iOS as Kubrak repeats in each topic.

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