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Third party VST3 support for Maschine 2

Yasaf AustraliaMember Posts: 10 Sine
edited September 7 in Maschine

For the past two years I've noticed some VSTs are only available in VST3 format

Are there any potential negatives to implementing VST3 support on Maschine2 that can be discussed here in laymans terms?

Is VST3 support a pending software development? If yes, is there a time frame for achieving this goal?

Cheers Yasaf


  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee AustraliaMember Posts: 855 Saw

    Wouldn't be any negatives (only extra work for programmers.

    It has been stated as being high on priority list.

    No ETA as there is rarely ever an ETA given for anything

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI BerlinCustomer Care Posts: 2,826 mod

    Hey @Yasaf It's on it's way. Maschine and Komplete Kontrol will support 3rd party VST3 plug-ins with the next update, coming soon. You can follow this discussion here: VST3 support - how is it going?

  • Yasaf
    Yasaf AustraliaMember Posts: 10 Sine

    Great news Jeremy!

    thanks guys

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