Komplete 10 ultimate from hdd to ssd fails.

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Hey there,

my buddy wanted to have komplete ultimate 10 on his ssd,now what i did was completely copyed the whole hdd to the ssd,now i have reinstalled and relocated the library's and works fine.but for some reason the damage and guitar rig 5 wont open up as vst in cubase,when he loads up his project, but the funny thing is that if i open up a vst channel i can just open up damage and guitar rig 5,

so can i resolve this issue ?

Thanks !!

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    Reading between the lines of your post, originally the KU10 library (legally owned by mystery buddy) was installed on his HDD, and he'd presumably created the Cubase project prior to you moving everything from his HDD to his SSD, yes?

    So I guess that within the Cubase project there's still a link to the old location because he created the project before you moved everything. If you open up a new instance it works because you are doing that after the location was changed.

  • Dillonopderheijde
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    Thats all correct, and when i noticed this i changed everything to its normal but then the problem came so then i reinstalled komplete,

    after that the problem was still there so i decided to reinstall so that the path is fresh and needed to be searched by cubase to its new path.


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