4 FX units: Larger/better view

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Hi all!

Version and Setup: TRAKTOR PRO PLUS 3.6.0 325

As a [...]: TRAKTOR PRO user, DJ mixing.

I want to [...]: Have the option to make bigger/larger FX units display when using 4 FX units, just like when using 2 FX units. 

So that I can [...]: Have a better view on the settings for each knobs and full view for the pattern player.

Since the new pattern player release I think it would be great if we have at least the option to make the FX units bigger when using 4, just like when you have 2 FX units that you see an "extended version" of it, I'm putting 2 examples below when you can see what I mean, that can be placed on the left or right depending on the deck, top or bottom too.

I'm only asking for an option, this might not be good for everyone but I find it very useful.

Thank you!

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